How To Be A Stand Up Comedian
8-Week Beginning Class

Learn How To Be A Stand Up Comedian with Jerry CorleySo you want to learn how to be a stand up comedian? Or you want to learn the fundamentals of comedy to be a better, more compelling speaker, teacher, presenter or salesperson? Or you want to learn how to write powerful jokes or routines so you can sell them or get a job writing comedy for a living?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Jerry Corley’s Stand Up Comedy Clinic has an 8-week beginning class that can put you in control of your comedy.

There are two types of comedians:

  • The coincidental comedian
  • The Architect

The coincidental comedian has good instincts and when something funny occurs he realizes it and writes it down. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s great, but it’s limited.

The Architect has spent the time to fully understand comedy structure and formula. He knows the science behind laughter and he understands that surprise is the number 1 formula that triggers human laughter. He has spent time studying the structure of comedy and is familiar with the 10 formulas that are used in commercially acceptable comedy today.

The Architect can then sit down and write comedy about anything, any time, just by following a few easy steps. He can generate jokes on demand and build a repertoire of funny material to use for any occasion. The material he doesn’t use for himself, he can sell to other comedians or various other outlets that buy humor.

The Architect is on the fast-track to learning how to be a stand up comedian, because he will be able to write for any situation and play for any audience.

Which comedian would you rather be?

 How do you learn how to be a stand up comedian?

Stand up comedy is not only an art, it is also a skill. By definition a skill is learn-able. One of the easiest ways to learn any skill is to find someone who is successful and copy what they do! Well, I have been making my full-time living as a professional comedian for 25 years. I have also been a writer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for 8 years.

I have learned and honed the art of stand up comedy and I know how to write jokes…tons of jokes. I was writing over 100 jokes per day. I still write jokes everyday and I want to show you the inside tricks to get you writing those jokes as well. Jokes are the building blocks of comedy. You use the jokes to build killer, laugh-packed comedy routines. So if you want to learn how to be a stand up comedian, take a class with someone who lives the dream everyday!

My classes are fun and compassionate. You will have a blast laughing at your successes and at the jokes that don’t quite work yet.

What will I Learn?

In my classes you will learn:

  • The fundamental structure of a joke.
  • The 6 elements necessary to make a joke funny
  • What a punchline is and how to develop one that pops!
  • 5 sure-fire techniques to beat writer’s block
  • How to write jokes from the news.
  • How to write a routine about your life that’s filled with laugh points.
  • The 20 comic personas and how to write for each.
  • What material is acceptable for speeches and presentations.
  • The 1 unique trick to ensure that the audience likes you.
  • How to step on stage with confidence and feel empowered!
  • How to beat stage fright to a pulp!  And…
  • How to turn your new skills into a career and find the work!

Here’s What Students Have Said About Jerry Corley’s Stand Up Comedy Clinic:

Here’s what people are saying about Jerry Corley’s Comedy Seminars:

“If you are an up and coming comedian or you are just getting your feet wet in the world of comedy take this course! Jerry has been a professional comedian for the past 20 years and has the unique ability to teach at any skill level…” [more…]

Comedy Clinic Student Kim Smith
“Jerry Corley’s Stand Up Comedy class was amazing. I went into in wanting to learn how to write funny. Never wanted to do a stand up routine. Didn’t think I had it in me. With his help and guidance, I performed a 10 minute set in front of 90 people. It was one of the greatest nights of my life. He knows his comedy and is great at teaching it. I would recommend this class to everyone.” [more…]

Comedy Clinic Student J.C. Morgan
“Jerry has turned my comedy dream into a comedy reality by allowing me to find my own unique voice. Without his comedy class and caring support I would not have come so far, so fast.” [more…]


Get into a class today! New Classes Starting soon!

Remember the biggest stumbling block to beginning any endeavor is just getting started and if you get started now, you will be well on your way to learning how to be a stand up comedian!