Discover How You Can Learn How To Write For Late Night T.V. In 1 Four-Hour Course...

Learn The Secret Techniques And Formulas The Best Writers Use To Pump Out Material Fast!



  • Thursday, January 8, 2015
  • 6:00pm-10:30pm

The Late Night T.V. Comedy Writing Workshop is Back and Better Than Ever

  • The 3 Steps to Writing Fast Current Events Jokes
  • The Self-Learning Procedure to Writing Killer Desk Pieces
  • The Hidden Secret to Writing Great Sketches from scratch to Big Finish
  • Learn the Secret But Basic Humor Formula Used at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
  • Bonus: A Completed Submission Packet Template to Replicate with your Own Material

2 Ways To Attend!

One Workshop - All The Tools!


    Learn how to write fast & funny  monologue jokes, desk pieces, sketches, drop-ins, audience pieces and more…


    Properly format your Late Night submission packet by downloading and duplicating the format of an already completed package used to get a real Late Night Writing Job!


    Find the RIGHT PEOPLE to submit your packet to using this one simple, but easily forgotten technique and why most other writers are not using it.


    After you connect with the right people, learn the proper way to submit your packet for high impact results.

This Course Is A Must For:   Anyone Who Wants To Learn The 'Inside Secrets' On How To Write For Late Night Television.

Tonight Show writer, Jerry Corley, will show you how to write for Late Night T.V. using the exact techniques he used to write powerful attention-getting sketches and 80-120 monologue jokes a day!

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In this Course You Will Discover How To...

  • Write Monologue Jokes

    Sit back and reap the benefits of having Jerry give you step-by-step templates you can use to repeatedly write volumes of jokes on any subject or headline. Just like they do in staff rooms on late night shows.

  • Write Sketches Like The Pros

    Learn the 3 elements needed in every sketch and how the pros come up with the concepts to write sketches while learning exactly what makes a good sketch work… and what makes them funny!

  • Properly Submit A Writing Package

    Ever wonder how a package needs to be formatted before you submit it? How it should look? You will learn exactly that and you will receive a real sample package so that you can duplicate it and submit with confidence!

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In This Course You Will Learn


    The same powerful techniques Jerry used to write 80-120 jokes per day.


    What a desk piece is and the MAGIC FORMULA used to write pieces that get noticed and get laughs!


    How to write remote pieces and the responsibilities needed to produce them!


    What is a “drop-in?” Learn this technique, how to write them, and why they are so effective in Late Night Comedy.


    How to write great engagement pieces with the audience and how that can “round-out” your submission packet.


    How to brainstorm ideas to create great sketches and the secret behind why every writer wants their sketch to air.

Best Of All...

Learn to connect with the right people to get the specific parameters of what to include in your packet for submission to a particular show!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Course...

In four hours, Jerry's workshop demystified the whole process for writing & submitting a late-night packet... I wouldn't have made it into the quarterfinals (top 6% of all applicants) in last year's NBC Late-Night Writers Outreach without this workshop.

Joe Dungan
Joe Dungan Author - 'L.A. Nuts'

Jerry's methods really work. In Late Night TV Writing & Submission workshop is great. In one afternoon, he gives tools, tips and tricks to not only fight writer's block but craft sketches and monologue jokes like a pro. The only difficulty I had was choosing which jokes/sketches to submit.

Laura Richter - Comedian-Writer
Laura Richter - Comedian-Writer

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