What you get...

  • 12 Ways to Crush Writers Block

    Fail-safe tools you can use to break through writer’s block

  • 13 Major Comedy Structures

    Learn the major comedy structures used by every popular comedian or comedy writer.

  • 9 Psychological Laughter Triggers

    The human brain is wired to laugh at certain stimuli. Be sure to include them in your jokes.

  • Build a Solid Comedy Set from Scratch

    A comedy set should have a beginning, middle and end. Learn how to craft a professional set.

  • 6 Elements for Every Joke to be Funny

    George Carlin knew jokes needed certain elements to be funny. You can learn them too.

  • Beyond the Jokes to be More Dynamic

    Learn how to use emotion to create a super compelling performance.

  • 4 Keys to Take your Comedy to the Next Level

    You’ll Love This! Answers to taking your comedy to the next level.

  • HD Video of Your Comedy Show

    A quality video of your act is the key to success. There’s no better video in the industry.

About the Teacher

Jerry Corley is a 27-year touring professional comedian, comedy writer and screenwriter with multiple television appearances as a stand-up. As a writer Corley has 8 years writing for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and a screenplay to his credit called "Stretch," which stars Chris Pine, Ray Liotta & Jessica Alba.

As a teacher: Jerry was invited to the prestigious Meyerhold Institute in Moscow, Russia where he taught 24 Russian actors how to do "western-style" comedy.
While you can learn something from anyone, no one has the credentials or the experience to teach stand-up comedy like Jerry Corley.

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