How To Write A Joke

by Jerry Corley, founder of the Stand Up Comedy Clinic

Several people have contacted me asking me a simple question: “How do I write a joke.” The question doesn’t stay simple for long. Soon it explodes into an argument of whether they want to do “jokes, ” or “stories.” “The simple fact is: A joke . . . → Read More: How To Write A Joke

Top Tips On Comedy Competitions

Top Tips for Performing in Comedy Competitions By Jerry Corley – Founder of the Stand Up Comedy Clinic

Comedy competitions are a great way to get your name out there, meet other comics and industry professionals and develop a thick, professional skin. By that I mean that you’ll develop a bullet-proof, confidence when it comes . . . → Read More: Top Tips On Comedy Competitions

How To Choose A Comedy Teacher

3-Steps To Finding A Good Comedy Instructor

“My Name Is Jerry Corley. I Teach Stand Up Comedy…and I’d Like To Report A Crime:”

I’ve been a professional comedian for over twenty years. I’ve spent many years working 38 to 40 weeks on the road. I’ve written for television shows, including spending 8 years as a . . . → Read More: How To Choose A Comedy Teacher

Jokes – July 30, 2009

Can’t our president have a better choice in beer? . . . → Read More: Jokes – July 30, 2009

Say It, Only Different!

Telling a story in comedy is good. Did you know that one of the most popular comedy teachers in L.A. says, “Don’t do stories!” Funny, because some of the most successful comedians in the business do stories. Jerry Seinfeld? Stories. Bill Cosby? Stories. Dane Cook? Stories. Sometimes I wonder if those instructors watch comedy.

The . . . → Read More: Say It, Only Different!