Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up

If success leaves a paper trail, then Jerry Seinfeld could be hit with a littering fine.

Comedians; both aspiring and veteran should take a couple of notes from his interviews, especially this one!

Johah Weiner, (no relation to the former U.S. congressman or the hot dog), had the opportunity to interview . . . → Read More: Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up

Comedy is Truth

One of my favorite lines from any comedian is not a joke. It’s a statement. George Carlin said, “A comedian shouldn’t just make them laugh, he should also make them think.

Stand up comedy is the ultimate forum to say whatever you want; to express yourself and talk about things that drive you mad. Comedy . . . → Read More: Comedy is Truth

Comedy Class | Don’t Use ‘I’ or ‘Me’?

Got an email from someone and I thought it would be best addressed in my comedy-blog. Read on:

"I have a question which has been messing with me when writing my premise or setup. i find myself trying to produce material before wednesday which are the best nights in florida for open mics. my issue . . . → Read More: Comedy Class | Don’t Use ‘I’ or ‘Me’?

Comedian Lessons | Record Every Set

Here’s the thing: Comedy is a live endeavor. You get up in front of a different audience each and every night you perform. Even if you’re doing the same material, the audience is different, the club may be different and the night is different so the dynamics change. Therefore, it is essential that you capture . . . → Read More: Comedian Lessons | Record Every Set

Busting The Top 3 Comedy Myths

In the 25 years that I’ve been a professional comedian, I’ve faced a lot of so-called myths that have spread around the comedy circles. It’s amazing that no matter how much you work to diffuse those myths or prove those myths wrong, new comedians seem to continue to nurture and spread tired, hugely over-told and . . . → Read More: Busting The Top 3 Comedy Myths