Go from total beginner to writing jokes good enough to get laughs at a comedy club to getting your first paid gig.

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Get the Last Laugh: Secrets to Perfecting Comedic Timing

Timing is more than just an existential experience; it's based on many factors. Let's make something clear: It is totally learnable, especially if you understand the mechanics that underlie it. There are a lot of nuances related to comedic timing. To convey this information thoroughly, this may take several different blog posts on this subject, each relating to a different aspect of comedic timing. But for now, let's start with...

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5 Principles of a Professional Comedy Writer

Comedy by it's nature implies frivolity. But achieving a successful career in comedy, either as a writer or performer, requires an abundance of work. Sometimes that work can seem tedious. But when you start hitting those moments of success, the thrill of the show makes all the work worth it. On the way to the goal here are 5 principles of a professional comedy writer or performer that can help guide you to your ultimate goal. A couple of things off the bat. One of the best pieces of advice I received in comedy is "Treat yourself like a professional now, otherwise nobody else will." This is my driving truth and underlying that truth are these five principles.

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How to Write Quick and Easy Jokes for Father’s Day

So how do we "come up" with a joke intentionally? Joan Rivers was one of the fastest, funniest comedians EVER. When I say "ever" I mean EVER! She was faster than Robin Williams. Faster than Groucho Marx, two of the fastest comedians alive at the time. She did this by doing deliberate writing every day. One of the ways she did it was to...

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Not all Advice is Good Advice

Conflicting Advice from George Carlin and Louis CK

During your early career as a comedian, you're going to have a lot of people giving you advice. Some of the advice is golden, but other pieces of advice wouldn't keep the shit off your shoes in a dog park. Take this advice that came from the great Louis CK. Now Louis is a great comedian--not so great in a hotel room--but a great comedian. One night, it is rumored that Jeff Foxworthy came off stage and CK said, "Jeff, you really need to lose that accent, nobody's going to understand you." Of course Jeff Foxworthy--because of his accent--went on to become ...

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How to Earn Respect From Crowds and Comics at Every Mic

How to Earn Respect with Crowds and Comics at Every Mic

Learn how to write reverse jokes that subvert expectations and earn respect from audiences and fellow comics. This comedian's guide explains what makes effective reverse jokes and includes examples, a student success story, and tips for writing your own surprises. Mastering reverse jokes can help new comedians stand out at tough open mics.

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