Learn How to be a Stand up Comedian
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So you want to learn how to be a stand up comedian?

Or You Already Have Experience...

...but want to take it to the next level? You want to learn to write comedy for sitcoms, late night television or magazines? Or do you just want to learn how to be funny in your everyday life, to get more customers, get more response from your students or your meetings or even your congregation? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Learning Comedy has never been easier!

Now Jerry Corley, professional comedian and writer for Jay Leno and The Tonight Show is going to show you in BABY STEPS how to take a blank page and turn it into comedy material that pops. Jerry demonstrates the structure of how jokes are formulated and gets you creating jokes from scratch right away.

Jerry Corley’s Stand Up Comedy Clinic is...

... hands down the top comedy school in Los Angeles. Jerry has an unmatched ability to break down the art of comedy into a science, imparting breakthrough comedy writing techniques and formulas to his classes in a high-energy, performance style, that will not only teach you the comedy writing secrets the pros use, but he’ll keep you laughing too.

Meet Jerry Corley - Founder of The Comedy Clinic

“The number one question I get in my workshops is: ‘How do I write jokes from scratch anytime and make it funny?’ So I started the Stand Up Comedy Clinic to fill that need at a reasonable price. The result is success… my students get work.”

Contributing Writer to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Founder of the Writer’s Forum at the Friar’s Club of Beverly Hills.
35 Years as a professional comedian, on A&E, Comedy Central & HBO.
Actor and Screenwriter of the film Stretch starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

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Jerry Corley

“Nobody else out there has the credentials Jerry does; working comedian, comedy writer, teacher, author, screenwriter and Executive Producer of a major motion picture comedy… and he shares all his knowledge and experience... Bravo, Jerry!”

Fred Sotille


Watch a Student Comedy Showcase

Students learn and prepare over an 8-week course, then they perform on Zoom or live at one of our L.A. based comedy clubs. Take a look and just imagine, you could be a comedian on this stage!

Jerry Corley's Comedy Clinic helps you to understand comedy from a comprehensive level then execute it!

All Courses and Classes are Primed to be Positive & Creative


Jerry's 30 years of experience will be there each class to help you find the best way to develop your comedy through your own unique voice


Positive feedback, collaboration and a supportive environment, keep the creativity flowing and the comedy popping.


"I've never seen students so eager to help each other punch-up jokes or share opportunities in comedy."

Brian Blend

Brooklyn, NY

Don't miss our Weekly LIVE A La Carte Writing Classes

Whether it's writing or performing comedy, you can drill down deep on a single subject that is important to you.
New activity every week to keep your comedy writing chops tight.

Jerry Corley Talks Comedy Structure at the Comedy Store

In my experiences on the road, in the studio, in writer’s rooms and in meetings with comedy writing legends, I’ve collected and refined joke techniques, comedy formulas and performance techniques and have laid them out in a way that allows the beginner to understand the science behind the art and for the experienced writer or comedian to add to his or her experience and heighten the response received from an audience.

My sole goal is to provide the comedian or comedy writer with all the tools they need to truly command their ability to write jokes and comedy routines on anything they want, whenever they desire.

Jerry Corley

Founder - Comedy Clinic

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