joke-Contest-bannerOkay, when I said a chance to get on Conan, I didn’t actually mean get “on” Conan—I don’t know Conan personally, but from what I’ve heard, he’s a fairly private guy.

But you can get on his show: you know, the one on TBS:

Conan O’Brien and Ricky Gervais have teamed up to find the next comedy star!

That’s right! It’s an opportunity for you—and everyone else reading this blog—to record and submit 3 minutes of comedy.

See, Ricky has developed a new APP for the iPhone that allows you to say something into the phone and it tweets it automatically. He’s calling this app “Just sayin’.”

The contest is called the “Just Sayin’ Stand Up” contest and it’s happening right now; entries are open September 20th to October 21st with winners to be announced on November 7th. Wait—that’s my twins birthdays!

All you have to do is visit the contest site page, download the app to your iPhone and do your best 3 minutes.

Don’t have an iPhone—too bad!

No, wait! Come back! I was just kidding! If you don’t have an iPhone, you can still submit via a special portal on the Just Sayin’ website.

Are you still here? What are you waiting for?! Go get the app or submit via the portal and see if you can get your funny-ass on Conan!

Remember, it’s T.V. so it must be original, clean material and appropriate to air. No slanderous jokes, nothing that defames others: so, he’s taken all the fun out of it: it’s still a awesome opportunity!

So get over to the Just Sayin’ Comedy and submit your best three and best of luck!

    16 replies to "A Chance To Get On Conan"

    • Jay P Harry

      Thanks for telling us, Jerry! I’m on it! For hairy, fat guy like me, this much better idea than actually climbing on top of Conan.

    • Anthony Quach

      Awesome thanks for the heads up. Already downloaded the app!

    • Jay P Harry

      Looking back at my comment, I can see that my writing skills suffer during my 6am morning dump. That is all.

    • Ken Hicks

      Thanks Jerry; this is a fantastic way to get around the restraining orders they both have on me; afterall, it was an invite from them. Enjoy your workshops and blog very much. Please keep up the great work!

    • Linda Lou

      Looks interesting–thanks, Jerry! Love Ricky Gervais–he’s one-third of my comedy holy trinity, along with Larry David and Louis CK.

    • Gaye Freedman

      Wow, its easier to get on Conan than to catch up with you…your so darn busy nowadays. 🙂

    • Darn it. I was already kinda gettin a chubb

    • Jerry Corley

      Jay P! Go get it. Although your hairy ass on Conan kinda reminds me of the wrestling scene in that Sasha Baron Cohen movie–what was it? What was it?

    • Jerry Corley

      Yes! This is my busiest time of year. But those weeks are mostly behind me! Let’s get together for a Skype session! I miss your funny ass! This Thursday at 11am (PST) or Friday 11am (PST) or 3pm (PST)

    • Jerry Corley

      My pleasure Tony! Now figure out your three and get it up there!

    • Jerry Corley

      The visual alone is worth a visit to my therapist. Wait that’s the stage–gotta call my booker!

    • Jerry Corley

      Ken, thanks for the kind words–I mean about the restraining order! From what I know about restraining orders, there has never been one that ordered anyone to stay 500 feet away from comedy, so I think you’re in luck!

    • Jerry Corley

      That’s quite the comedy holy trinity! All solid funny-men. I’m intrigued, Linda, who’s your favorite female comedian?

    • Jerry Corley

      Sorry to disappoint… Conan’s a sexy guy, but the climb alone. 6’5″? I think he has his own weather patterns up there. Isn’t Felix Baumgartner supposed to sky dive from that height?

    • Jay P Harry

      That’s what I think when I walk naked past a mirror. My fat, swarthy body, marinating all night in its herbs & spices, awaiting the moment to unleash hell upon the potty. Good morning!

    • Salim Rockefeller

      Hey I don’t have an Iphone and I’d love to use the special portal but it doesn’t work :'( Can you hel me?

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