stretch-promo-extrasAs some of you may have heard, my little T.V. show idea, “Stretch,” has been turned into a Big Movie Idea! This process started many years ago, when I was touring 43 weeks a year as a comedian.

My wife wanted me to be home more, so to save my marriage, I cut my road work in half.

During that time, while I was in town, I worked at a limousine company in L.A., both driving and in operations.

While I was working the late night shift, I would sneak in some time at the computer to write some scripts. One of the scripts I wrote was a television show about the limo business. It was going to be kind of a ‘Taxi’ but for limousines. 

I brought my friend, (and now writing partner), Rob Rose, in on it, for his brutally fast and sharp wit.

Needless to say, years and one marriage later it has been turned into a comedy-thriller that will be directed by Joe Carnahan (“The Grey,” “The A-Team”).

It’s legit. It has star power from Chris Pine,(Star Trek)  Ed Helms, (The Office, Hangover I, II, III) Patrick Wilson, (The A-Team) and Jessica Biel!

To top it off, it has already been picked up to be distributed by Universal Pictures.

It’s shooting in Los Angeles in July and they are holding an “Open Call” for upscale, trendy club-goers.

It’s simple to get involved, just e-mail and include your name, phone number, email and a picture of yourself in high-end Hollywood nightclub attire. Which means, ladies look smoking hot, and guys look like the typical Hollywood, club-going, douche. Smile

Don’t email me. I have zero input on what happens with this!

One of the things you have to get used to once you sell the rights to your movie is that your creative input goes “poof!”

I hope some of my readers (all 3 of you), can take advantage of this cool opportunity to get involved, not only to be seen in a film with a tight script, but also mingle and have the opportunity to meet other people.

Please read the fine print. There is NO GUARANTEE that when you participate in this event that you will be seen in the motion picture!

But, Hollywood’s a weird place and anything can happen!

There’s has been and there is going to continue to be a lot of really cool lessons to learn from this experience of getting a movie made. I hope to share them with you so maybe you can get some inspiration to expand your writing.

Good luck!

    10 replies to "Appear in a Real Motion Picture!"

    • Jim McAleese

      Congrats Jerry! Can I play a club goer’s father? hahaha!

    • Andy Curry

      Your work paid off Jerry – way to go!

    • Ted Trent

      I’m so glad you contacted the about our chance to be stars of your movie. Please contact our dog Alfie who is acting as our booking manager. Of cousre, we aren’t clear why we’ve never had any bookings, but I think it has to do with our booking manager’s desire to be a comedian himself. He always disapears Friday and Saturday nights and doesn’t get home until 6 A.M. Either way, we will wait to hear the details from Alfie and look forward to our staring roles. Thank you for booking us.

    • Peter Mark

      Greetings old friend and mentor! Great opportunity! You are the best!

    • Richard Allan Jones

      I’m ready for my close up…

    • Richard Allan Jones

      Seriously…congratulations on coming up with the idea, writing the story and getting it to the big screen. Do you know the odds against an original story getting to that level? (never tell me the odds!) Couldn’t of happened to a funnier guy.

    • Michael Gabriel

      You are proof positive that good things come to those who write…. the casting notice says ages 21 to 30. I have knife wounds that are older than that. The address you gave for casting, is that only for the club scene? Would sending in a photograph to be considered for other scenes in the film help or is this e-mail address just for the club scene?

    • Patrick W. Soileau

      Hmmmm. This is kind of interesting. I wonder why it is that good ideas have such a hard time making it all the way to the big screen. Over the years, it’s not like we haven’t seen piles of *bad* ideas which seem to make it.

    • Lou Magelowitz

      Congrats Jerry, you da’ man!
      Maybe “Stretch 2” can take place in Vegas!

    • Noah Martin


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