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  • Inside this book I give you multiple ways to approach writing jokes on any subject.
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  • How to NEVER get foiled by ‘writer’s block’ ever again!
  • I will show you the best ways to get the highly-coveted applause break.
  • How to utilize a multi-pronged process for creating your comedy and knowing why it will be funny!

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  • The 8 Major Laugh Triggers – (Covered in one of my seminars valued at $199.00)
  • The 12 Major Comedy Structures – (I was recently offered $2500 for the exclusive rights)
  • Bonus #1 “The Listing Technique Explained” – (The most powerful joke-writing tool in comedy today!)
  • Bonus #2 “Top 10 Ways To Write A Joke” – (My secret to writing up to 120 jokes per day!)
  • Bonus #3 “Joke Writing 1-2-3” (Go from nothing to material in 3 EASY steps)
  • Bonus #4 “10 Sure-Fire Ways to Beat Writer’s Block – (A Fail-safe. Techniques I use to never have writer’s block, EVER!)

Most of the book is the exact same information I pour out in my powerful weekend comedy writing seminars, plus several bonuses. The value of the book is certainly equal to one of the weekend courses; usually priced at $249.00–unless you’re lucky enough to get the special deal in L.A. at $79.00.
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