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jerry corley

Jerry Corley

Comedian / Author / Screenwriter / Teacher

About the Author

Jerry Corley has been a professional comedian for 35 years.  He worked as a writer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he wrote 80-120 jokes per day.  Jerry is also screenwriter and television writer. Jerry teaches courses in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and globally on the internet. 

"Hey @jokedoctor, I got tired of not knowing why certain things are funny or not, so I bought your book... easily worth 5-10x the price imo"

Jeremy Hall


What You'll Learn In This Downloadable E-Book

Jerry Corley's Breaking Comedy's DNA is a legitimate game-changer when it comes to amping up your comedy writing using science-backed structures. 

13 Comedy Structures

13 Comedy Structures used to Write All Comedy

9 Psychological Laughter Triggers

Scientifically Proven Reasons People Laugh

12 Ways to Beat Writer's Block

Proven techniques to get you writing every day

francis g - testimonial for breaking comedy's dna

Jerry Corley's "Breaking Comedy's DNA book is a milestone if you're a beginner comedian or experienced and want to challenge your understanding of comedy..."

~ Francis G. @francisgcomedy


Hundreds of users can't be wrong

"Hey man, your book helped change my life. I've read a bunch of comedy books and this book encapsulates years of study in one golden nugget..."

breaking comedy's dna testimonial - ryan DeJonghe

Ryan DeJonghe


"Day 1 implementing some of the @jokedoctor strategies and I am already seeing exponential growth in my output in a fraction of the time! Jerry, you are amazing!"

David Joseph

Podcast Host

“This ebook is amazing — Jerry leaves it on all the digital reading device. The basics, the structure of jokes, timing, writing exercises, and more!”

Liz "Lucky" Blakey


Are you ready to take your comedy writing to the NEXT level?

Breaking Comedy's DNA is the same book used by USC and Emerson College to teach their Comedic Arts Program for $42,000 per year. 

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Shave Years off your learning curve
Learn to Write Volumes of jokes from a single topic
Learn the Secret to writing great roast jokes
Increase your laughs per minute whether you're writing jokes or stories

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