Breakthrough Comedy - The Secret to Writing Jokes Fast!


jerrypic_1Welcome to Breakthrough Comedy! This is where you will be introduced to multiple proven techniques that I have used throughout 25 years to write material from scratch.

Some of the techniques are used by the best comedians and comedy writers in the business, some techniques were designed by me after I needed new tools to get through my own writer's block and some techniques are an amalgamation of both new strategies and tried and true processes.

Each of them are designed to give you more tools and more approaches to writing comedy from the simple one and two-liner joke to the story-first techniques. But all the techniques will help you, the writer add more laugh points to your comedy.

22 Approaches to Comedy WritingIn this course, I have developed 25 different approaches to writing comedy. It's all broken down in the graphic to the right.

In the course, you can click one of the bubble and be taken to the video and the worksheets that help you first learn the technique on your own, then apply your new knowledge by crafting your own jokes, scenes, dialogue or sketches using the techniques.

These techniques are designed to inspire not just to generate mechanical jokes.

So if by utilizing the techniques you get inspired to go in an entirely different direction with a brand new idea then the technique is a success, because it got you, the writer to generate new ideas.

This makes the techniques reusable over and over again helping you to generate endless varieties of jokes or bits.

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