Top 3 Ridiculous Myths About Hecklers

At one point during my show, there was this biker who kept spouting off about his "Ole Lady."

At random points in my act he would respond by always referring to "My Ole lady!"

Then some of the other bikers didn't want to hear it, so one guy shouted to me, "Git 'em!" (Meaning he wanted the comedian to deal with the heckler).

I didn't know what to say at first. Then I finally said...


Look Who’s Doing College Gigs!

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“This Audience is Mostly Mormon”

[gn_spacer size="20"] So one of my favorite students Skyped with me today. He was upset about a comedy show he did. It was a show he produced. It was a show he emceed. And it
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It’s National Humor Month!

have you seen the way Kirstie is moving her butt on Dancing With The Stars? Last Monday night's episode she shook it so hard it wound up in the first 10 minutes of "House."