Performing the Same Jokes Doesn’t Make it Boring

When you're starting out, I cannot emphasize the importance of building that core act. You should do it constantly, revise, refine and polish. Add act-outs, tags and toppers. Until it crushes. Worrying about your friends hearing the same jokes is counter-productive to you really developing and polishing your act. Not to mention that it can have a cascading negative impact on your development.

Top 3 Ridiculous Myths About Hecklers

At one point during my show, there was this biker who kept spouting off about his "Ole Lady."

At random points in my act he would respond by always referring to "My Ole lady!"

Then some of the other bikers didn't want to hear it, so one guy shouted to me, "Git 'em!" (Meaning he wanted the comedian to deal with the heckler).

I didn't know what to say at first. Then I finally said...


How do I Get on Stage and be Funny When Everything Hurts?

How do I go on stage and be funny when everything hurts?" I like to help people. I thrive in it, but when he said that, I could feel myself like, I don't know--jump--to the occasion. I didn't know whether the comedian in me was feeling heroic or schadenfreude; some kind of sadistic enjoyment that someone else was suffering. So I took a breath and just let words come out of my mouth. I'm sure it was rambling--like these blog posts the three of you endure from me! I said, "I'm sorry you're going through such pain. Don't fight it. You're human. Embrace it. "Allow yourself to wallow in it and experience it, but when that spotlight turns on and they call your name...
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Why Are You Yelling Your Comedy?

The benign violation theory, a psychological phenomenon where the audience will recoil from the offense. In comedy it's when the audience is repulsed or offended by the content or also the volume. Yelling or screaming into the microphone is not a substitution for authentic enthusiasm...
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Comedian Lessons | Give The Joke A Chance!

One of my classes just had their graduation showcase at the world-famous Comedy Store. A student-comedian was not happy with his set. Some of the jokes worked and others didn't.