Tonight Show is Not Just For the Old Folks

Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" is just finishing its first week and it has been an experience in engaging entertainment. Fallon has found that "something" that the show has

Look Who’s Doing College Gigs!

Imagine doing stand-up comedy for only a year and booking your first paid stand-up gig at a University: One year? Can it be done? Oh
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Stop Thinking Like an Employee

One of my comedian friends was recently brutally upset by the fact that he had to pay an admission fee to a comedy competition to be considered for it. He
All in the Family

Not Everyone Peaks in Their Twenties

About six years ago, I was at the famous Friars Club in Beverly Hills. It was showcase night. One of the main bookers from the Montreal Comedy Festival was in
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A Comedian Tip From Danny Zuker

If you don't know who Danny Zuker is, you should. He's an Emmy-award winning writer and co-Executive Producer for the hit series 'Modern Family," one of
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Tom Hanks Drops An “F Bomb” on G.M.A.

Well, I've been saying it for years... 'Good Morning America and Elizabeth Vargas could use a good F*ck." That would definitely help with the ratings! And what better
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Comedy Class | Getting Your Time Cut

  We had our combined showcase this Thursday at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, for our Beginning/Advanced comedy class. The bill was filled with 18 comedians ready to hit the stage