Craig Ferguson announces he'll be leaving the Late, Late Show

The field is totally opening up!

Craig Ferguson announced Monday night that he’ll be leaving the Late, Late Show at the end of this year.  There is a lot of speculation that Ferguson was mistreated and completely overlooked, when CBS passed over him to replace David Letterman who will be retiring at the end of this year.

This after a 10-year run!

He was like a second string quarterback waiting his turn to take over the team.

Imagine if the Green Bay Packers overlooked Aaron Rogers after Brett Favre left the team?


CBS Blew It!

I think CBS completely blew it with this decision. They instead went with Stephen Colbert.

Colbert is very talented, but unproven and untested as a host in a non-satirical, non-character-based environment.

Ferguson is fresh, unique and extremely talented.

The execs who made this decision have ABSOLUTELY NO CONCEPT of the level of talent it takes to go off-script like Ferguson does and riff on a subject and get consistently great laughs. The guy is a genius.

*But Jerry, tell us how you really feel!*

He has an ability to detach from the show and actually make you feel like he’s in your living room; all the while still engaging the studio audience.

Who else does that?!

Answer: Nobody!

I don’t understand their reasoning for this decision. The only thing I can hypothesize on is that they are looking to target the 18-34 male demographic; the demo that is so coveted by advertisers and and already targeted by Comedy Central, Colbert’s current home.

But if that’s the case they blew it, as Ferguson and Colbert are virtually the same age!

Writing Positions Are Opening Up

But what does this mean for my readers, (all 3 of you)?

I know that some of you are really into looking to nail a job on a Late Night Show as a writer. This is a truly historic time with the shake-ups that are happening all around late night. Never in my life time have there been so many changes in the late night line up. in the same year.

With Colbert replacing Letterman and Ferguson leaving at the end of this year, new opportunities will be springing up all over the network.

Time to sharpen your pencils, freshen your pens and get your carpel tunnel wrist braces on and start re-typing and re-writing your Late Night TV submission packets.

Those of you who have taken my workshop on writing for late night know that you should be re-tooling your submission packet every 6 months and sending it in to the shows producers on a regular basis.

You should also be tweeting your daily jokes. Why?  The Late Night with Seth Meyers people plucked an I.T. worker from Peoria, and put him on the staff for the show after reading his humorous tweets.

Now the Dude is earning a $4000 minimum weekly paycheck as a staff writer on the show. Hell Yes!

So even though I’m in disagreement about the network’s decision to overlook Ferguson, I am laser-beam focused on the new opportunities available for writers.

Get writing!

    7 replies to "CBS Blew It! – Craig Ferguson Announces He’s Leaving ‘Late Late Show’"

    • Jonny Dgtl

      If I may, I’d like to respectfully disagree…
      Yes, Stephen and Craig may be around the same age, but Colbert has the fast paced style and bathroom humor that appeals to the younger generations, as well as the cerebral (which appeals to the intelligent of all ages–side note: have you seen his hour long interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson? Simply mind blowing! I am excited to see how he will transition, although I am worried that I will miss the sarcasm…
      Stephen Colbert’s humor is exciting and has people on the edge of their seat, just waiting for the next word come out of his mouth…
      Ferguson seems like a really nice guy, and I’d love to have a beer with him, but in all honesty he almost never surprises me and rarely makes me laugh…
      Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good host–just not a great comedian, in my opinion. He drones on and on about things and bores the living daylights out of me! (I’ve fallen asleep numerous times to him, and never to Colbert! )
      Personally, I think CBS hit the nail on the head, but the proof is in the pudding–I can’t wait to see!!! 🙂
      Stephen is a comedic genius who I have really seen him matched wits by anyone. I do look forward to the day when Aziz Ansari is a guest on his new show 🙂

    • Jonny Dgtl

      It would be one of my dream jobs to be on a team of writes for Colbert! 😉

    • Jonny Dgtl

      Jimmy Fallon will be almost impossible to compete with by anyone, I think–he has the trifecta thanks to his musical abilities…

    • Dean Lewis

      Jerry I totally agree about Mr. Ferguson; very fresh and entertaining! The big question now is who will replace Ferguson. Any thoughts? The reason I ask is it could be helpful to think ahead and start putting together a Submission Packet and game plan to write in the style/voice for whoever the replacement may be…

    • Jim Barron

      No funnier guy on late night T.V. than Craig Ferguson. Colbert shares the same political views of Letterman. Draw your own conclusions.

    • DW Surine

      I totally agree. Craig has a very unique delivery style that isn’t seen on any other late night talk show. I now wonder where he’ll end up. Conan utilized his time off, let’s see what Craig does.

    • Frank SeriousMonkee

      Larry Wilmore has been tapped to replace Colbert. Craig is awesome but a known quantity in this venue. Colbert us a gamble, and exciting gamble. Seth Meyers? Unwatchable, just like SNL. Yeah, he was great at the correspondents dinner but Geezuz, everything else is just pap. Worst thing in my opinion is losing Colbert and his CC show.

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