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A La Carte Classes

In addition to all our core courses and private coaching programs, these A La Carte Courses were selected by our members. If you wish to request a course specific to your needs, place a recommendation here.

How to Write Wordplay - Double Entendre Thumbnail

Wordplay (Double-Entendre)

This comedy structure / technique can make you the wittiest person in the room. Once you learn how to use it, you can find yourself using it at will.

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

$49 | SIGN UP
Three Way Build-up / Triples Comedy Structure (Thumbnail)

3-Way Build-Ups (Triples)

This comedy structure is a self-made reverse. It creates surprise using pattern disruption. Get quick, crisp laughs by creating very acute expectation. It's almost instant joke, just add water.

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

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Compare & Contrast Comedy Structure (Thumbnail)

Compare & Contrast

"Explore 'Compare & Contrast Comedy' in this engaging course. Discover the art of generating laughter through contrasting elements and side-by-side comparisons.

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

New Secrets in Writing the Reverse (Thumbnail)

New Secrets to Writing the Reverse

Uncover some of my newest secrets of writing the Reverse Comedy Structure. Discover the art of defying expectations and creating snappy surprise. This structure is key for impressing the audience even at the open mics.

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

100 Jokes a Day Using Incongruity (Thumbnail)


Explore the Incongruity Comedy Structure, the oldest and most flexible comedic technique used by every comedian and Late Night TV writer. Unleash the power of a structure that I used to write up to 120 jokes per day.

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

Simple Truth Comedy Structure (Thumbnail)

Simple Truth

Unlock the comedic brilliance of the Simple Truth Comedy Structure, the go-to technique for comedy legend Jim Gaffigan. Dive into the art of hilariously dissecting everyday observations, revealing the hidden absurdity behind life's simplest truths. Get ready to find the funny in the ordinary

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

Paired Phrase Comedy Structure (Thumbnail)

Shockingly Powerful Paired Phrase

Crack the code of laughter with the Paired Phrase Comedy Structure! Learn how to transform the unfunny into funny by using this little-known psychology trick to create surprise and get a crisp laugh.



Monday, Sep 11, 2023 10:00am - 1:00pm PST

superiority and ambivalence comedy structures (thumbnail)

Superiority & Ambivalence

Unlock the secrets of laughter with our dynamic course on Ambivalence and Superiority Comedy Structures! Learn to harness the power of conflicting emotions and audience superiority, crafting scenarios that will keep your audience rolling in the aisles. Don't miss this double dose of comedic genius!

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

Observation Recognition Comedy Structure

Observation / Recognition

Unleash your comedic prowess with our course on Observation/ Recognition. Dive into the favorite techniques of comedy icons Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, and George Carlin. Master the art of keen observations and relatable recognition, crafting laughter-inducing routines that resonate with audiences.

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

comedic irony comedy structure (thumbnail)

Taking it to the Next Level with Comedic Irony

Unleash the power of comedic irony in our course inspired by the greats like George Carlin and Jon Stewart! Learn to skillfully navigate contradictions, satirize societal norms, and deliver razor-sharp punchlines that keep audiences laughing with biting wit and clever subversion.


Monday, Aug 28, 2023 10:00am - 1:00pm PST

Benign Retaliation the perfect joke structure (Thumbnail)

Benign Retaliation
(The ‘Perfect’ Joke Form)

Learn the secret of getting the audience to root for you with our course on Benign Retaliation, inspired by the comedic brilliance of Jimmy Kimmel and Dave Chappelle! Discover the art of lighthearted comebacks, playful revenge, and witty retorts that leave audiences in stitches. Get ready to unleash your comedic firepower!

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

Paradox Joke Writing Structure (Thumbnail)

Making their Brains Dance with Paradox

Embrace the paradoxical world of comedy in our course inspired by comedy maestros Jerry Seinfeld, Mitch Hedberg, and Jimmy Carr! Dive into the art of clever contradictions, unexpected twists, and mind-bending humor that will have audiences laughing in delightful confusion. Discover the magic of comedic paradox!

Now available as a stream-anytime course.

Giving You a Working Knowledge of Comedy

As a touring professional comedian for 30+ years and as a writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jerry's approach to comedy comes as a result of a vast amount of hands-on, doing-the-grind type of experience.

From cruises to corporates to clubs, Jerry has performed comedy in all 50 states and in 14 countries around the world. Jerry has taught thousands of comedians and has coached well over a hundred corporate leaders, teaching them how to develop a working knowledge of comedy.

His book Breaking Comedy's DNA has been called the "best book on comedy and comedy writing available anywhere." Jerry's YouTube Channel has more free useable comedy writing content that any other channel online. What we're trying to say is "If you're looking for skills that you can apply in your approach to comedy right now, then you are at the right place!"

comedy clinic silhouette head white on black

Why The ComedyClinic?

Simply put, when it comes to comedy Jerry knows what he's talking about. Whether you want to write for TV or perform stand-up, you're going to learn a science & structure-based approach to comedy that gives you real tools to be as creative with your comedy as you want to be.

joke writing & performance

Writing for Stand-up

The most successful comedians know how to write their act. Even Bill Burr who writes ideas, then flows them out on stage, started by learning how to write jokes.

comedy writing for scripts

Comedy for Scripts

Comedy has structures and all the structures used in stand-up comedy can also be used in television and movie scripts. After all, what is an act-out? It's just dialogue in a one-man show.

Comedy Clinic Icon (special)

Comedy for Speakers

Professional speakers ALL want to include humor in their presentations. Learn specific techniques that can be "plugged-in" to add that extra dynamic to your message.

Late Night TV Comedy Writing

Late Night TV Writing

You know all the joke monologues performed by Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert are written by professional writers, right? Learn this craft and get one of the highest paid entry-level jobs known to man.

calendar icon - tons of classes

Tons of Classes

Comedy A La Carte offers Tons of Classes on subjects chosen by members of the Comedy Clinic community. Each subject drills down deep in a thoroughly informative 3-hour course.

writers room collaboration

Creative Collaboration

Each class is like its own writer's room. Students get involved punching up each others jokes creating a super dynamic of creative activity. In my experience it's actually a superior level of creativity than in a live class.

timed joke writing challenges

Joke Writing Challenges

One of the things that keeps students creative is a challenge. These courses will introduce 1-word or Random Phrase joke--writing challenges that will help you "show up" in every class.

"Check out my other A La Carte Courses!"

All the courses that I prepare for the A La Carte Series of Courses come from your requests to cover specific areas of focus in comedy writing, performance or the business of comedy. All courses are done live, then the recordings are made available for purchase so students can still access hard-to-find information and study on their own time using an computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Each semester of A La Carte Classes includes 12 Weeks of topics. Use the links below to learn more about what's available. I hope each course brings value to your day!

--Jerry Corley

Jerry Corley - Teacher - Comedy A La Carte Courses


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