I was wrong!

Many students have come up to me and asked, “Can I just put together a tape in my living room?” I’ve always said, “Absolutely not. You should never do that. Make sure shoot a tape that is in front of a live audience.”

Well comedian Jesse Popp proved me wrong. In this little quick interview, Jesse talks about doing comedy only three times before he shot a video of himself in his friend’s basement with three of his friends. “We set up a karaoke machine and a sheet against the wall, and one of my friends was holding a light up and at one point the lamp caught the sheet on fire and we had to do another take: I sent the tape into Comedy Central and it worked out I guess”

Jesse started in 2000 and since then, Jesse has appeared on several comedy shows including Conan, and Comedy Central’s “Half-Hour.”

The point is this: Even though it’s not recommended to send a tape out that you shot in your basement, never say “never.”

Sometimes the best choice is just to get it out there!

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    • Rick Kale

      Throughout my life so many people have told me how funny I am and that I should be a comedian. It’s mostly in situations where during a discussion with someone or a group I say something sarcastic or stupid and people just start laughing, and then I kinda take off from there and get more laughs. My mind moves really fast and am always quick with a remark funny or not. I don’t think I could actually get up on a stage and just start telling jokes although it would be a fun experience. Should I take a class to help me? Would love a response if you have time. thanx

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