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Our Best Courses

Comedy 101

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Comedy 101: For Beginners or to Brush Up on Fundamentals

Opening Strong

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Opening Strong: The Best Tools to get Laughs Right Away

Tags & Toppers

25% off

Tags & Toppers: The Secret to Maximum Laughs per Minute

Punch Up

25% off

Punch-Up: Turning your story into a laugh-out-loud stand-up act by applying comedic structures.

Character Persona

25% off

Developing Your Comedic Persona by Using Angle & Strong POV


25% off

How to use act-outs to add that extra dynamic and take your act to the next level.

Silence the Heckler

25% off

Silencing the Heckler and the Science of Audience and how to keep the show on the comedic level

How to Write Comedy Sketches

25% off

Sketch Writing: The 3 Major Sketch Concepts from Start to Finish

Overcome Writer's Block

25% off

The Imposter Syndrome 12 Sure-Fire Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

The "Perfect" Joke Form

25% off

Learn to write benign retaliation jokes and watch your audience root for you to win!

Floor Them or Bore Them

25% off

Secrets to adding humor to your speeches or presentations.

How to Make Money in Comedy

25% off

Turning your sense of humor into a profitable enterprise.

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