Do you know how to.... Successfully wrangle an audience?Be the difference is the success of the show?Represent the club like a pro?Get everyone in the mood to play?Transition the energy between comedians?Make the show a smashing success?

New 1-Day Workshop
Saturday, February 23rd 10am-1pm

In this Workshop You Will Learn How to...


The Host & Emcee Workshop is one of the workshops in our new series of specialty workshops that focus on specific skills that a comedian needs to develop in order to succeed.

The host/emcee is one of the most crucial roles that can be played in comedy. The host sets the tone and sustains the momentum for the show all the way until the lights go out.

The host/emcee can literally make or break the show and it's not just getting up there and being a funny comedian. It's about creating and sustaining an entire show. That requires skills.

Not only that, developing the skills to be a host/emcee have far reaching advantages when it comes to making a living in comedy.

Take this one-day workshop and learn those skills and see your value immediate increase.


Jerry Corley

Jerry Corley - Heckler & Comeback Workshop

Jerry Corley, the founder of the Stand Up Comedy Clinic in Burbank, California built his reputation as a 'road-warrior,' in stand-up comedy. A normal year would be 40+ weeks of work on the road, playing clubs, colleges and corporates all over the country.  Multiply this by 27 years and you have a person with solid experience in dealing with crowds of all kinds.

I personally performed in such a vast variety of shows from hosting corporate gigs to doing audience warm up for top name sitcoms, to playing the big showrooms in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other resorts around the world. None of that would've been possible if I didn't have the skills not only to tell jokes but to be a good host.

Grab these skills while this course is still offered and be the comedian who ALWAYS gets invited back!



    Attend in person and be with Jerry in the room at his studio in Burbank, CA.

ONLY $99

    Don’t be left out of this specialty class. You can stream in from ANY device from anywhere in the World!

ONLY $99