George Carlin - Modern Man

Wordplay in comedy is ‘hack!"

If you believed some comedians in this industry, you might think that statement is true.

If someone said that to me today, I would tell them that one of the most memorable comedy bits in all of comedy is George Carlin’s "Seven Words You Can’t Say On T.V."

It’s pure wordplay.

They might counter that with, "Well that was a long time ago."

And I might let them believe that they’re right and let them begin that fall into the abyss of ignorance and arrogance that usually accompanies a comedian who’s been doing comedy for all of four or five years.

But not you. I would never let you fall into that abyss.

The readers of my blog–all three of you–I’ll try to not only guide you but give you supporting evidence from one the the masters…

George Carlin; a master wordsmith in comedy.

Ironic, considering that he left school in 9th grade.

And although the argument that "Seven Words" is from a different era and that it wouldn’t play today might hold some relevance; though I doubt it, I give you "Modern Man," a bit of pure wordplay comedy that Carlin did in his later years.

And I dare you tell me it’s ‘hack.’

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    6 replies to "George Carlin May Be Dead; But Wordplay is Alive!"

    • Jared Wynn

      Thanks Jerry, that’s one of my all-time favorite Carlin bits!

    • Art Howard

      “Advertising Lullaby” is another good one.

    • Andres Chavez LA

      This carlin bit is not stand up comedy. Its poetry…

    • Rosemarie Perdew

      Awesome!!! What delivery, what content, simply amzing and at the age of? Thanks, Mijo.

    • Darscovery Channel

      He’s brilliant with words. People who place limitations on how other people do anything, including how they are funny are really just consumed by their own limitations and beliefs that they cant seem to get beyond, so they project their approach on others as a form of validation. This is a great message Jerry, Don’t let someone else’s fear and self limitations mold you. Stay true – and be your brilliant self!

    • Andrew Pate

      since your link appears to be broken here is a youtube link.

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