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Heckler & Comeback Online Course

Congratulations on accessing this one-of-a-kind course. The Heckler & Comeback Online Course will give you the tools you need to better deal with hecklers. I will be covering the silly myths regarding hecklers in addition to giving you the tips and tools you can use to keep the heckler from ruining your show without ruining the night for everyone at the event.

This course was recorded during a live event taught at the Stand Up Comedy Clinic in Burbank, CA. The videos are divided into sections so you can watch them all at once or 18-26 mins. at a time.

Even though you should have a notebook handy, each video can be streamed on demand any time, or if you have a slow internet connection you can download each video to store on your own computer.


Lesson 1

Jerry introduces the class to the concept of a heckler. And explains what a heckler is and what it means to crush a heckler

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Lesson 2

Know your Audience! Using the M.A.P. technique so make sure you are aware of what kind of audience you are playing for.

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Lesson 3

All Hecklers are NOT created equal! Different types of hecklers need different types of comebacks. If you are male handling a female heckler requires finesse.

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Lesson 4

Sometimes it's actual comedians who are disrupting the show. Here's some examples of how to handle that while not losing respect with your peers and colleagues.

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Lesson 5

Crushing the heckler has it's limits. In this lesson Jerry shows you how to crush a heckler without having them come back with a gun.

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Lesson 6

George Carlin's secret to keeping it playful. One of the best lessons I got was from George Carline. This simple technique enabled me to keep the audience on my side.

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Lesson 7

Lesson 7 - The students and YOU write comebacks for the heckle "That's not Funny You're not funny."

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Lesson 8

Lesson 8 - Continues going over the students comebacks to "That's Not Funny. You're Not Funny."

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Lesson 9

In lesson 9, Jerry goes over some comedic techniques that will help you effectively respond to a heckler while still keeping it comedic and getting a laugh.

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Lesson 10

Using comedic technique is one of the best ways to diffuse, deflect and pivot, to regain control of a heckle situation without attacking a heckler directly.

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Stay Tuned for Bonus Segments!