1-Day Online Anytime Workshop

Hecklers are more vocal than ever.
Are you prepared?

In this Workshop You Will Learn How to...

  • Unlock the Secrets

    Beating a heckler is more about finesse and diversion than it is about slaying. Learn why and how.

  • 3 "Fatal" Mistakes

    Learn the 3 fatal mistakes that can turn a room upside down and maybe get you hurt

  • Evergreen Comebacks

    Learn what evergreen comebacks are so you always have a trick up your sleeve

  • The 3-step Process

    Learn the 3-steps process to win any heckle battle within seconds.

  • 2 Secrets You Need to Know

    Years of experience with hecklers of all kinds. They all have 2 things in common

  • Bust the Myths

    Many comedians have hecklers all wrong. Learn this trick and always win


With the political climate as heated as it is, hecklers are more vocal than ever. Are you prepared to deal with them?

There are so many myths out there about how to handle hecklers in comedy. In this course we will investigate the theories and prepare you with the best approach to dealing with a heckler.

Having the tools to deal with a heckler effortlessly and having the professionalism of keeping the evening in a comedic mood is crucial.


Jerry Corley

Jerry Corley - Heckler & Comeback Workshop

Jerry Corley, the founder of the Stand Up Comedy Clinic in Burbank, California built his reputation as a 'road-warrior,' in stand-up comedy. A normal year would be 40+ weeks of work on the road, playing clubs, colleges and corporates all over the country.  Multiply this by 27 years and you have a person with solid experience in dealing with crowds of all kinds.

"There are ways to handle hecklers the right way and the wrong way... I've had enough experience handling them the wrong way to impart the right way..."  I've had a beer bottle thrown at my head... and after hitting a heckler too hard, this one guy went out to his truck and got a gun..."

"So my focus is how to keep the show a comedy show and not let it turn into a bar fight or a panic."


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    Attend in person and be with Jerry in the room at his studio in Burbank, CA.

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