What’s this video have to do with getting an audition or an agent as a comedian or actor? Good question! The answer is simple: Many actors and comedians don’t get work because they give up trying way too soon. If they are lucky enough to get a booker or an agent on the phone, they get one “NO!” and they give up.

You Need Persistence

A comedian or actor—whether you’re trying to get representation from an agent, get seen by a casting director or get get booked by a club booker, needs persistence, “polite” persistence. We hear someone say “no,” or at best nobody returns our calls or emails and we give up. We get that familiar lump in the pit of our stomachs, that feeling of rejection and we stop calling. Most of us don’t like that feeling, because:well, it doesn’t feel good! So we give up. I mean why revisit that feeling right?

Well you have to keep calling and keeping in touch because it’s your job. Many times, even after you meet an agent or casting director and they see that you are good, they simply forget who you are. It’s a simple as that. They are not attacking you personally they just don’t think about you, because they are incapable:because few humans have the capacity to truly multi-task.

Take an actress for example. My student Kim Hopkins is a fine actress. She attends casting workshops and consistently gets the highest ratings in her reviews from casting directors. They literally gush over her. A manager she’s been trying to get to represent her can’t understand why she’s not getting called in.

“Why aren’t they calling you in for these auditions?”

It all comes down to multi-tasking.

Although our brains are bad with multi-tasking, they are excellent with focusing on one task at a time. So when Kim does the workshop, the casting director may love her and think she’s the bee’s knees. But when that casting director goes back to work and has a thousand submissions for a job Kim might be perfect for, Kim is not even close to being in their thoughts, simply because it’s impossible! The brain doesn’t operate that way.

This is Where The Manager Comes In

If the manager was doing their job, they would give a call to the casting director and remind them that Kim was in their workshop. That simple reminder that operates what’s known as bottom-up brain function (something that gets our attention like a phone ringing), could be the trick to getting Kim into the brain of the casting director. Does that make sense?

If I was a manager and I knew an actress was going to the workshops and getting great reviews with casting directors that were consistently working, I would represent that actress in a flash, because she just made my job a thousand times easier! All I have to do is submit, then make a phone call to remind the casting director about the actress.

How Does This Affect You As a Comedian or Actor?

So how does this affect you as a comedian or actor? Well, you have to keep calling every three weeks or so. Keep them posted on what you’re doing via Facebook, your website, twitter. Visit them often at casting workshops. Drop by a club to do a guest set. Make sure you keep reminding them who your are, stay polite and persistent, and never let the lack of return phone calls get you down. It’s nothing personal, they just can’t multi-task.

Jerry Corley
Jerry Corley

Jerry Corley is a professional comedian of nearly 30 years, working nearly every venue imaginable.

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    • Gil Martinez

      I like your article, Being Persistent!
      Several years ago I wanted to perform at the Riviera Comedy Club here in Las Vegas. A friend of mine said to me, that big Italian guy over there getting his shoes shined is the entertainment director. I went over there and acted like I knew the guy sitting next to him also getting his shoes shined to showed him my famous trick. OK, I will show again I said to the guy who was giving me a strange look. I did the trick and they looked at each other and started laughing. The big Italian guy said, that’s pretty good, I like it!
      Two days later I found where his office was, walked right pass the receptionist, how ya doing you look great! another strange look! Knocked on his office door poked my head in- Hi Mr.——
      who are you he said- pause, eh! your the guy who did that trick the other day, what the ya want. I want to get booked for the comedy club, will you give me a chance?

      5 months later I was booked.
      It took some work but I got what I wanted. ” Persistence” Gil Martinez aka Mickey Romo.

    • Jerry Corley

      Yeah! That was Steve Schirripa. I worked for him for several years. He’s a great character and I was super-excited to see him getting all that work. He always took care of me at the Riv. Plugged me in to other gigs. He’d always follow that with… “Cuz I live to do you fuckin’ favors, Jerry.”

    • Anonymous

      It’s funny to me how similarly we think, although you can’t know this because your not reading my blog. (I don’t have one, but my thoughts aren’t available for you to view to compare).
      Anyway, I was planning on making you my de facto agent. Great workshop, and I’m convinced you can help me turn gold to platinum plus. JBIGSTUPID!

    • its hard being a comic but you sure make it easy

    • hello… I am having lots of comic acts.. how I can become a good comedian..

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    • Terry Edgette

      CALL: 419-222-2112 E-MAIL : Tganster02@yahoo.com

    • Chris Markel

      im looking for a manager to help me with my comedy career ima major player on the underground philly comedy scene check out my set on you tube under chris markel at helium

    • Jeremi Wormy Harrigan

      im jaywalker and seeking an agent email at jharrigan2121@gmail.com

    • Joe Moffett

      I need a manager to help me get my name out and to expand my career to new heights. I currently produce my own own comedy podcast, The Joe Moffett Show on Soundcloud, and I’m ready to get out on the road and see if I can be great at being a comedian. Please contact me at thejoemoffettshow@gmail.com.

    • Jerry Corley

      Hey Joe,
      Don’t kid yourself. Waiting for a manager to get your name out and expand your career is reverse thinking. YOU have to get your name out and expand your career before an agent or manager will even look at you. They are in the business to do one thing: Make money. If you’re NOT making money first, they’re not interested. So get YOURSELF out there. Start calling and going to the clubs, build a following on social media. When the seats start to fill up because you’re on the bill, then it’s time to start seeking management. YOU have to do the work first. Go get it!

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