amy_gordon_stillAmy Gordon literally does her "no holes barred" approach to comedy. She’s a perfect example of how to be a funny woman. What makes this specific to a woman being funny? Well, the approach is all woman! If comedy is about surprise and shattering expectations, take a gander at how she approaches the mic with such a demure attitude, nicely dressed, carrying a purse, for crying out loud! But then… And if comedy is also about encountering obstacles as we try to accomplish something (Charlie Chaplin), she nails this in the most unexpected way. The reason she pulls this off is because there’s not a single time where she’s over-the-top. Everything is played as ‘real,’ from all of her expressions in the beginning to her trying (more obstacles) to hit the ‘high notes’ with the Kazoo. There are a few of reasons I posted this:

  1. To point out that when a comedian does an act-out like this the reactions have to be real. Comedy is about heighten REALITY, but it has to be real. If she went over-the-top with ‘mugging’ or was overtly sexy with the Kazoo ‘insertion’ (that just sounds weird doesn’t it?), then the piece would not play and the audience would be turned off. But she plays it just right, hitting all the beats on the way.
  2. The second reason I posted this is to show to those skeptical people out there that women CAN BE FUNNY, and this is a perfect example of how to be a funny woman.
  3. The third reason I’m posting this (and my original motivation for it), is to point out to the naysayers that just because she uses a prop doesn’t make it unfunny. One of my students was told by a "comedy teacher" not to do prop comedy. Let me put that bullshit to rest, there is nothing wrong with using a prop. But it’s like profanity; use it wisely. If you use a prop because you have no material, it will be viewed as just a distraction away from the fact that you don’t have any funny. Amy Gordon clearly has the audience "in love" with her and she’s using not one prop, but three, (four, if you include the purse).

You do have to be careful when you do prop comedy. Make sure the joke isn’t "punny," but solid. So take a look at this video. It’s 3:14 of solid laughs, right from the start and watch the way Amy uses every opportunity to trigger another laugh, while still keeping it real. This chick knows how to be a funny woman!

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    6 replies to "How To Be A Funny Woman | Comedian Plays The Kazoo With Her ‘Who’s-ee-whatzit!’"

    • patti

      This is the type of stuff an attention whore does as a frat party, not a funny woman on stage. What an insult to all the creative, brilliant and intelligent woman in comedy. I’d rather get boo’d off stage with my words than applauded for something like this. If this is considered creative,funny, and original … well then consider comedy dead here and now.

    • Jerry

      Interesting comment. Not everyone liked George Carlin. Not everyone likes Jerry Seinfeld.
      That’s the beauty of comedy, or any art for that matter. Not everyone agrees with what is good. But that’s no reason to be so mean-spirited. In Amy’s case (the comedian in the video–just in case your rage blocked it out), the audience was the judge and they seemed to like it. Not sure if you truly grasp how difficult it is to get a reaction like that from any audience, let alone get a reaction like that without uttering a single word, in Amy’s case…brilliant.
      Oh and your emotions seem to be completely detached from logic because the auditorium she was playing in was standing room only– so the only thing “dead here and now” seems to be your perception of comedy being “dead.”

      And really? “Whore?” Is this Rush Limbaugh again posing as a comedian?

    • Darscovery Channel

      She has the courage of a lion.

    • Jerry Corley

      She’s very impressive; takes her time. Few words. Get’s laughs on an eyebrow raise. Reminds us that 90 percent of communication is non-verbal.

    • Keith Holland

      Ive never seen a white girl do that before

    • Montgomery Markel

      Marriage material! Incredible performance!

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