A friend of mine sent this video. It really gets to the hard and fast point with success; How badly do you want it?
I’ve always wanted to be a standup comic. I put my whole life and soul into it.
I lost one marriage and one “almost marriage” because of it… and I’d do it again…IN AN INSTANT! Because it’s all I wanted.

How bad do YOU want it? After you watch this video, LEAVE ME A COMMENT and share HOW MUCH YOU WANT IT!

Jerry Corley
Jerry Corley

Jerry Corley is a professional comedian of nearly 30 years, working nearly every venue imaginable.

    8 replies to "How To Be A Standup Comic | How Bad Do You Want It?"

    • Max Mitchell

      Thanks, Jerry. You inspire me. I’m going for it.

    • Jerry

      Back at ya, Max! It is inspiring for me to see you and others, put it all out there to go for it. Keep up the great work and don’t stop. You’re awesome!

    • Ray Camacho

      Wow, puts it all into a new perspective! Love it!

    • Jerry Corley

      My favorite line in this video is “When you want success as badly as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful…” What’s yours?

    • Rachel Lauren Wolf Ha-ha-ha…funny! You of all people should know that in this business, even if you apply yourself, sometimes it doesn’t pay off. However if you work not only your creative side, but your business side, including your relationships (network), success often follows.

      Thanks for following. By the way, sending the link for your downloadable video…are you ready?

    • Laura Richter

      I walked away from a very comfortable, secure job, cashed out my 401k and have flown by the seat of my pants ever since. If I had a chance to do it over again, I’d make the same choices all over again.

    • Jerry Corley

      Laura, you’re awesome! It’s a commitment to the art that I made a long time ago. It still pays dividends… and residuals! Keep it going!

    • Great stuff that I am hearing guys, I am a new comic in South Africa still trying to find my own space a comic, so all thses articles are hitting home!

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