How to be The Richest Comedian Nobody's Ever Heard Of!

In this 3-hour live-streamed course, learn the strategies Jerry deployed to earn $250,000+ per year doing comedy.

A 3-hour video course now available for your anytime viewing!

"Give me 180 minutes and I'll give you 20 killer comedy success strategies!"


  • 1

    The one thing comedian's do that leads to failure

  • 2

    The secret to creating multiple revenue streams

  • 3

    How to 4x your income on your current gigs!

  • 4

    How to find the 'REAL' money in comedy

  • 5

    How to start booking corporates right away

  • 6

    10 Comedy Revenue Streams you've never heard of

  • 7

    How to make more money without an agent

Jerry Corley comedy coach

Jerry Corley

"Why do comedians still approach their careers like they did in the 70’s or 80’s? It’s been forty years and comedians still act like a homeless guy waiting for someone to put money in his cup."

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I've extended the special price for another week. Or as long as the timer is still ticking! But after the timer runs down the price goes back up!

ONLY  $249

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