Happy Thanksgiving!

One-of-a-kind comedy writing tutorial.

Just let me start by saying I am thankful for all of you who take the time to read my blog and leave me comments, likes and tweets.

For Thanksgiving I want to give you this video tutorial on writing material for corporates.

As many of you know corporate gigs are the well paid gigs that can really earn you a terrific living in comedy. I spent much of my career doing corporates and earning a terrific living.

The key do grabbing the higher paying gigs in corporate is being able to write material that relates to the company or the niche for which you have been hired to perform.

This video is a FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL on writing comedy material for corporates. It’s not a teaser. It’s much like my video on writing jokes for current events video. It walks you through starting with a subject—in this case: “Title Insurance”—then writing ten minutes of material for that subject.

Watch the video when you have time to sit and watch an hour and eighteen minutes of the sometimes tedious process of putting together ten minutes of material from scratch. In other words it can be boring as hell unless you’re a comedy writing nerd like me!

So grab a cup of coffee and your notebook and enjoy. This is a one-of-a-kind-tutorial and is only one of the techniques I use to write corporate material for a specific niche.  Enjoy!

I would love to hear your feedback!

Happy Thanksgiving!

NOTE: If the video doesn’t appear, refresh the page. Thanks!





    9 replies to "How To Write Comedy for Corporate Gigs [VIDEO]"

    • Dean Burkey

      Hi Jerry,
      Thank you for showing in real time how to put together comedy material for a corporate gig. Always fun to watch your mind in action.
      All the Best,

    • Ryan Rosenberry

      Great video for showing a process of writing a bit, I’m thinking this could be used for all comedy and not just Corporate gigs, Thanks again for the video

    • Dean Lewis


      This is brilliant. Showing the inner workings teaches a wealth of information and insight. Truly inspiring! Thank you for putting this out there!

    • Michael Gabriel

      I watched the entire video from start to finish. I also watched it again in segments. I would stop it and try and make a list and do the exercise while you were doing it. The best part to me was being able to watch you work your way through joke after joke, as you created a 5 minute set on title insurance. It sounded like a polished routine that you’ve perfected over the course of many performances, yet we watched you create it on the spot. Will this stay on your site so we can refer to it and watch it again at a later date ?

    • Jim McAleese

      Jerry, great stuff. I’m watching it in small chunks. “We won’t hump your wife” – love it!

    • Stefan Langendorf

      Now I´ve had the time to watch the video. Exellent!!!
      I think it works on all subjects.
      Nice to see your process in action. Thank you from Sweden!

    • Alejandro Labrada

      This was EXTREMELY helpful. I am taking the clean comedy route to further my skills as a comedy writer and to get corporate gigs. This video gave me a leap pad to get ideas going when writing comedy for corporate events. Great job! Thank you.

    • Great. It was refreshing to see someone else go through the writing process. It has motivated me to write some material for a corporate I have this weekend. THANKS.

    • Joel Brill

      Good stuff. very useful for writing comedy for corporate or any event. Thanks Jerry Corley

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