How To Write Comedy – Video-Coaching Lessons

Need some extra help with your comedy writing?

Punching up material?
Crafting A Set?
Adding Tags & Act-outs?
Discovering your persona?
Writing New Material…or
Getting your act to POP?!

Then this is a perfect time to really dig in with professional comedy writer & comedian Jerry Corley. Jerry will not only help you learn how to write comedy, but you will also learn how to craft a set, tag your jokes and get more laugh points in your stories. Whether you’re a story telling comedian, or a joke telling comedian, Jerry has been referred to as the “guru” when it comes to crafting comedy material.

With one-on-one How To Write Comedy-Video-Coaching sessions, you have your own comedy mentor! He will also help you write the jokes for your set! Normally, Jerry charges upwards of $1,000.00 to write a 5-minute set, but with a 1-hour session with Jerry, you get the Joke-writing included! All for $200. Think about it, an hour with one of the best comedy coaches in L.A. Don’t miss this opportunity!

This is a special artist/comedian price. (Corporate speakers’ consulting fees are $300-$500/hr. and more!

And even if you already “know” how to write comedy, Jerry’s 25 years plus on the road and in the writer’s room will help you to get that material to jump off the page and really connect with the audience. If you feel like the material is there but not quite ‘popping’ consistently, the answer may be to have a comedy writing session with Jerry.

Here’s how you set up a Coaching Session with Jerry Corley

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Upload any material you want to work on during your session.
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Reminder email will be sent 24 hours prior to your coaching session.
The sessions are automatically recorded and you will be sent the video/audio link.

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Cost: Only $200.00/1 hr.

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