Late Night Writers Workshop *Intro*

Welcome to The Late Night Writing and Submission Course Online

I have worked very hard to put this workshop together for you to help you build your Late Night Writing Career. I will be constantly adding content to give you more tools than you'll need for writing and submitting everything from monologue jokes to sketches, including templates for formatting your packet for submission.

I am also providing you with a bonus: I have prepared step-by-step strategies to assist you in connecting with the right person at your target show so you can build that relationship and get your packet read.

Have fun and take notes during this workshop and if you have any questions please feel free to use the 'Contact' tab at the bottom of each page to send me an email. Please use 'Late Night Help' in the subject line.

IMPORTANT! Before you get started, be sure to grab your downloads and print them out. These will help you keep on top of the course and help you crush the competition.

Now that that's out of the way, scroll down and start the first video and let's get this started!

Grab Your Downloads

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