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Late Night Writers Workshop *Part 3*

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download111Don't Forget To Download All Your Printouts and Sample Packs!

  • Late Night Submission Sample

    Click to get your full submission template package. Don’t fuss over how to format your package. Download this professionally prepared package and just copy the formatting so that you know you’re submitting a quality package that will get read!

  • 8 Major Laughter Triggers

    Fundamentals of comedy should start with an understanding of what makes people laugh. Here are the 8 Major Laughter Triggers. What makes humans laugh on a psychological level.

  • 12 Major Joke Structures

    Imagine knowing the 12 Major Joke Structures that you can pull to trigger the 8 Human Laughter Triggers and how to write them. This download shows you what they are and how they work. With examples!

  • Write Jokes From The News

    You know when you write jokes from the headlines that most of them are written right from the news, right? Well, here is a sample pack that shows you exactly how to do that by taking a headline from the news and all the steps I use to write those jokes. Killer Sample!