Late Night TV Writing, Submission & Production Course

The Late Night Comedy Writing, Submission & Production Course. is both live and recorded. You can choose to attend the course live at the studio, participate via live stream or at your own pace with anytime streaming!

The Late Night T.V. World is Exploding!

According to Vanity Fair, there are now 9 Late Night Hosts! (Larry Wilmore's "The Nightly Show" was canceled).

If you include Samantha Bee "Full Frontal" on TBS and Cheslea Handler with "Chelsea" on Netflix, you have 11 shows that are "Late Night" shows.

Then if you include syndicated shows like "Ellen," "Wendy Williams," "Harry," "Steve," "Jim Jeffries," you have 16 shows.

But that's just the start! Networks like Comedy Central and Streaming Sites like Netflix & Hulu are developing more shows.

All of these shows need content. And the content needs to come from talented Late Night Writers...


State of the Industry

Bad News...

The pool of talented writers who can write for Late Night TV is small. NBC launched a writer's outreach program to recruit and train new writers. They are desperate to find writer's who can write comedy that fits the fickle format that is Late Night TV.

Good News...

You can get the training that will teach you everything you need to know about writing for Late Night TV in my Late Night Writing, Submission & Production Course and you don't even need to be in Burbank!

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Monologue Fundamentals - Write 10-20 Jokes

Week 2: Monologue Writing Cont'd - Write 10-20 Jokes

Week 3: Desk Piece Fundamentals - Develop 1-3 Desk piece ideas

Week 4: Desk Piece Writing Formulas

Week 5: Sketches - (Part A) The 3 Major Sketch genres

Week 6: Sketch Writing (Part B) - Sketch Writing Formulas & Strong Characters

Week 7: Shaping your Writing Packet for Submission

Week 8: Finalizing the content for Late Night Cup of Joe


**During the production week, LiveStream students will collaborate via Google Hangouts or Zoom Conferencing, to help sort the material that will make the final cut for the show's production.


  • Joe Dungan
    Joe Dungan - Jerry's workshop demystified the whole process for writing & submitting a late-night packet... I wouldn't have made it into the quarterfinals (top 6% of all applicants) in last year's NBC Late-Night Writers Outreach without this workshop.
  • Laura Richter
    Laura Richter - Jerry's methods really work. In Late Night TV Writing & Submission workshop is great. In one afternoon, he gives tools, tips and tricks to not only fight writer's block but craft sketches and monologue jokes like a pro. The only difficulty I had was choosing which jokes/sketches to submit.
  • Dean Lewis
    Dean Lewis - Jerry, you really outdid yourself with this course! The video lessons are so on the money!


  • Napoleon London
    Napoleon London - At the heart of the class is Jerry - a fun, kind and adept teacher who both deeply understands and can thoroughly explain comedy, and who creates a supportive community in which any student can flourish.
  • Evelyn Thatcher
    Evelyn Thatcher - I had a great experience in Jerry's Writing for Late Night Class! I live part of the time in NYC so I was able to live-stream the class when I was in NY and show up in person when I was in LA.  Jerry (as many of you know) is a very gifted teacher, filled with enthusiasm and a wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Rashel Mareness
    Rashel Mareness - The Late Night class at The Comedy Clinic is a great way to learn about working in late night TV and to build your current-event based comedy writing skills. You'll be encouraged to write every day to keep up with all the crazy headlines coming at us 24-7, and then have the opportunity to produce your own late night episode. I highly recommend for everyone!

The class where YOU produce an actual Late Night T.V. Show!

Check out this trailer of the student's first produced show!

Watch the full 30-minute episode on the Late Night Cup of Joe YouTube Channel!

Late Night TV Writer's get paid!

wga-east-westAccording to the Writer's Guild of America's Basic Agreement, a Late Night Writer earns $4,449 per week. That's a minimum salary! Write a 2-minute sketch that makes it to air and you can earn another $3,500. Write a song parody and there's also ASCAP fees that are paid to the writer. So the pay as a first year staff writer is exceptional!

One Workshop. All The Tools!


    Discover 12 incredibly powerful but simple strategies to write fast & funny monologue jokes, desk pieces, sketches, drop-ins, audience pieces and more…


    Properly format your Late Night submission packet by downloading and duplicating the format of an already completed package used to get a real Late Night Writing Job!


    Find the RIGHT PEOPLE to submit your packet to using this one simple, but easily forgotten technique and why most other writers are not using it.


    Learn the protocol utilized by the most successful writers to increase your chances of getting that interview and what to say to ensure that you’ll be considered for the job! Even without an agent!


    The same powerful techniques Jerry used to write 80-120 jokes per day.


    What a desk piece is and the MAGIC FORMULA used to write pieces that get noticed and get laughs!


    How to write remote pieces and the responsibilities needed to produce them!


    What is a “drop-in?” Learn this technique, how to write them, and why they are so effective in Late Night Comedy.


    How to write great engagement pieces with the audience and how that can “round-out” your submission packet.


    How to brainstorm ideas to create great sketches and the secret behind why every writer wants their sketch to air.

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attend via live stream

Attend via Live Stream

8-Week Late Night Comedy Writing, Submission & Production Course designed to help you write and submit your writing packet to a real Late Night show head writer so you can be considered for a job as a Late Night writer. You can attend from anywhere via livestream! You will have access to all the downloads and worksheets as if you were attending the class live. And you get to stream in to watch the live production!

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