Just wanted to post this as a little motivation and a little shout out to my student David Conolly and his lovely wife, Hannah for sacrificing it all to chase their dreams and passions. I hope this helps to motivate, inspire and light a fire.

I am in awe of all of you!
Play the video for a 3-minute inspiration!

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The Understudy will be playing March 17 through the 23rd. 1pm showing only.


***If you were at all inspired, please leave a comment:Oh, and see the movie!***

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    • Michael Gabriel

      I saw the film and it is WONDERFUL. When it started I thought I would be watching a satirical comedy that would cause the average movie goer to burst out laughing even if you were not familliar with what goes on backstage during the production of an off broadway play. I was not prepared for the delicious and outrageously funny dark side that would unfold as the story progressed. Who knew that accidental death could be so laugh out loud funny. When you watch so many movies that you can almost predict what will happen next, it is a real treat to find yourself caught off guard and surprised by every twist and turn. It is extremely well written and directed and the acting is as good as it gets. * as a comedian with a SAG card it is the type of film that makes me want to scream at my agent ” Why didn’t you get me an audtion so I could have tried to have been a part of this film? It was that good.”

    • Jerry Corley

      Thanks for the comment Michael. I agree. I enjoyed the film thoroughly and particularly enjoyed the Scorcese-like approach in the jail scene with the sax player. Interesting, curious and being a part of the Broadway scene for so long growing up I actually recognized the theater.

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