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Text-Based Monologue Jokes

Monologue jokes that use text to support the joke is a relatively new concept in Late Night TV. 

Watch this video to get introduced to this type of monologue joke and learn why the text-based monologue joke is so powerful.

The purpose of this video is to make you more aware of this kind of joke writing opportunity. 

Remember that Late Night TV has become very visual. And really, it's about time! It's television, so it is a visual medium. 

So remember to use the visual part of your brain when you're coming up with your jokes and ask your self if there is a way to make the joke pop a little more using visual support.

Action Steps

Watch the Video?
Learn WHY text-supported monologue are so effective
Write 3-5 Jokes that use some form text to support the joke or the punchline.

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