pandoraFor those who thought comedy was dead, think again. Comedy is becoming more popular by the megabit, as Pandora, the online programmable radio station which is now in it’s fifth year, has added several new comedy stations. Their reason? Comedy has been one of their top requests from users.

Want to hear the latest, hottest comedian or the old classics? Tune in Pandora. They’ve just announced that they have loaded over 10, 000 comedy clips, and just like with their music, users can listen or skip tracks, vote thumbs up or thumbs down on a comedian and personalize their comedy.

One of the attractions of Pandora is that they do a good job categorizing their music. You can search by title, artist, genre, etc. So when Pandora made the decision to add comedy, they did the right thing; they teamed up with comedians who assisted in categorizing the comedy tracks, so users can really search comedy by comedian, subject, style and even structure! Want to look up a joke that has a unique juxtaposition? You might come up with a joke that starts out, “So a horse trots into a brothel:” Or if you like horse and brothel jokes, you could type that in and maybe come up with a quip that has a “Katherine The Great” twist to it. (Google it:).

From a pure business perspective Pandora has their ear to the rail, so to speak, as the popularity of comedy has been picking up globally. According the Google Keyword Tool, a handy online app, there are over a million global searches for the keyword “comedian, ” and over nine million searches for the keyword, “comedy.”

So go check out Pandora’s new comedy channels, there’s something for everyone.

Jerry Corley is the founder of the Stand Up Comedy Clinic. He teaches from his studio in Burbank, CA

Jerry Corley
Jerry Corley

Jerry Corley is a professional comedian of nearly 30 years, working nearly every venue imaginable.