Private Comedy Lessons

If you want to rev up your comedy act…I mean really kick it into overdrive, then you might want to consider private comedy lessons.

Private one-on-one comedy lessons are–hands down–the best way to get your act running on steroids.

Why Would I Be Able to Help You?

The success guru Anthony Robbins says “if you want to achieve success, find someone in who is successful and copy what they did.”

I’ve been doing this for 25 years. My act usually gets a standing ovation. I’ve written for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for 8 years. I founded the Writer’s Forum at the Friar’s Club in Beverly Hills where I helped other professional comedians develop their material so they can reach the next level.

I’ve helped comedians go from opener to feature to headliner faster than they thought possible. I can write comedy on anything. I would love to help you craft your act and really get it ready for the next showcase, a competition, or to just reach the next level in your comedy career. I’ve helped professionals and beginners alike in the stand up industry and have helped business professionals develop their speeches so that they can knock the socks off their listeners at conventions, etc.

Private Comedy lessons is where it’s at. It’s the closest you’ll get to the bullet-train to success in comedy.

There are two ways to get private lessons with me:

    In-person 1-on-1 lessons at my studio in Burbank, CA

    Over the internet via Skype

    I train a lot of comedians right now in person and over the internet. During our 1-hour sessions we develop material, I help you write the jokes that you’ve been struggling with and help you shape that act to give it the final polish before the big showcase.

    So give it a shot, and take private comedy lessons with an instructor who can actually write jokes!


      Private Comedy Lessons


      ONLY $200.00/hr

      Video Comedy Lessons

      (anywhere in the world)

      ONLY $200.00/hr

      So give it a shot. If you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay!

      To access the private comedy lessons email me by visiting my contact page here.

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