“:Jerry, thank you for single-handedly restoring my confidence!”

The above is a quote from actress/comedian Michelle Gomez. This talented actress couldn’t get arrested in L.A. After a few sessions with Jerry Corley’s stand up comedy clinic and a couple of private coaching sessions, Michelle went on to perform a showcase at the Comedy Store and just killed it. She had industry and her reps in the audience. Three weeks later she booked not one, but three pilots for Television!

Why do I mention this. Because for years I’ve been saying that stand up comedy is a great vehicle to get you noticed. Most people fear stand up comedy. So when you go up on stage and have a fantastic set as Michelle did, people respond. You demonstrate so much when you do a stand up set you show them:

· Confidence
· An understanding of comedy timing.
· Character act-out ability
· Audiences respond to you!

In one quick showcase you can demonstrate these performance skills which are so desperately sought after in the world of comedy and acting.

With One-on-One coaching, Jerry Corley can help you really develop a solid act. Classes are good but when you work with someone who is not only a talented comedian, but also a talented comedy writer and a talented teacher, you have hit the tri-fecta! Jerry can help you find toppers and tags and help you to shape your set into a set that will help you stand out get you recognized and remembered.

Watch how quickly you develop material when working with Jerry. There are few people in this business who write comedy as well as he does and few who are available to help you personally. When working One-on-One you will start winning competitions and landing better gigs.

Need proof? Just ask Michelle Gomez!

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