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Welcome to the resources page from the How to do Stand-up Comedy Free Start-up Guide by Jerry Corley. Jerry, a 30-year comedian & writer has developed some of the best teaching tools for comedians and writers available on the internet. These resources are free and there will be more added all the time.

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How to do Stand-up Comedy - Free Start-up Guide

Open Mics

  • Comedy Bureau

    The Comedy Bureau is kind of a crude and disorganized site but it can get you some information on what’s available in your local area. As with Bad Slava, always call before you go there. Open mics come and go pretty quickly so be sure to call first.

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  • Bad Slava

    Bad Slava. One of the toughest things to do in this business is to maintain a database of all the open mics that are happening around town. Slava does it all over the world. It is one of the most thorough. But check the fine print and be sure to “call before you haul.”

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Other Free Resources

  • What is my Comic Mask?

Have you ever wondered what your comic persona is? Most comedians do. Most comedians make the mistake of rushing to figure out what their persona is while they're on stage. What if it's just you? What if you are--on stage--who you are in life?

Larry the Cable Guy, Andrew "Dice" Clay, Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, Lewis Black, all developed strong comic personas and it actually helped them to make their comedy even funnier.

Download this PDF and discover what type of comedian you are!

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  • Joke Writing 1-2-3

Score! This incredible tutorial will get you writing jokes right away! Jerry really boils down the writing process in this quick 10-minute video where he shows you how to go from scratch to a joke to a bit on just one simple subject!

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how to write jokes for stand-up comedy

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