Comedian Lessons | Jokes About Death

Comedian Lesson: When I tell my students that you can write comedy about anything, I mean that. There are ways–I believe–to talk about anything using humor… One of my students recently asked if you could write comedy material about family members dying. I said, “Yes!” In fact it’s healing and cathartic and it gives . . . → Read More: Comedian Lessons | Jokes About Death

How To Comedian | How To Get Gigs

That’s no typo up there in the title. I’m going to rebrand the word; change it from not only a noun, but also to a verb. The act of being a comedian. The connotation is so narrow isn’t it. “:An entertainer who seeks to make people laugh with sketches and funny monologues…” But being a . . . → Read More: How To Comedian | How To Get Gigs

How To Be A Famous Comedian (part 2)

Before I continue down this path of posting under this heading, here is the disclaimer (it won’t be like the disclaimer you’ve seen on drug commercials, you know, “heart palpitations, irritability, fatigue, chronic dizziness, anal leakage or sudden death:quite frankly if I’m going to suffer from anal leakage, just kill me now!). The disclaimer for . . . → Read More: How To Be A Famous Comedian (part 2)

Comedy Schools

“Yes, you can teach comedy. It is a skill as much as an art.” When I tell people I teach comedy. The first thing I usually hear is: “there’s such a thing as comedy schools?” “I didn’t know you could teach comedy!

That’s a point of contention with a lot of people; whether or not . . . → Read More: Comedy Schools

Treating Comedy Like Your Own Business

The business of Comedy can be brutal. Here’s a couple of simple tips to get you going on the right track.

Have you ever set up a lemonade stand as a kid? You thought it would be great putting your portable table out with a pitcher filled with lemonade and some paper cups and you . . . → Read More: Treating Comedy Like Your Own Business

What is Funny?

What is funny?

You really want to know what’s funny? How ’bout some dumb-ass blogger trying to write an article entitled “What is Funny?!”

Funny is such a subjective term. How is anyone going to write about how to be funny? It’s almost like trying to definitively answer, “Who is God?” Or “What is Love?”

. . . → Read More: What is Funny?

How I Made 50 Bucks While Sitting On The Crapper

By Jerry Corley | Founder – The Stand Up Comedy Clinic

Strange title for a blog you say? Well, wait for my follow-up, “How I flushed 50-Bucks On The Way To Vegas, Just To Warm Up!”

I write this blog entry as a follow-up for my previous entry, which was “Shut Up and Write!” . . . → Read More: How I Made 50 Bucks While Sitting On The Crapper