Comedian Bill Burr

How to Write Comedy Like Bill Burr

Recently I got an e-mail from a guy who said, "Jerry, I've been reading your stuff and Bill Burr doesn't use any of the structures you talk about:" REALLY? Bill Burr has
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Writing Funny about Proposition 8

So you wake up early today. Maybe you go for a run, maybe you walk the dog, maybe, like me, you're up early because you have a toddler in the
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How To Write Funny

So you sit down to write and nothing happens. Now what? What causes your creative process to shut down? There's almost nothing more frustrating than not being able to
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Treating Your Comedy Like a Science

You ever watch other comedians come to the club or the open-mic time and time again with new material? Are you envious? You ever watch other comedians just seemingly come