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Stop Overthinking the Joke. Sometimes It’s Just ‘Funny’

Sometimes I'll write a joke and think to myself, 'that's too simple... that's not going to get a big laugh,' only to try the joke on stage and get an applause break. I wrote a joke the other day and opened with it that night at the Comedy Store: "The republicans are consulting with Caitlyn Jenner on how to best deal with Donald Trump...
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Writing Funny about Proposition 8

So you wake up early today. Maybe you go for a run, maybe you walk the dog, maybe, like me, you're up early because you have a toddler in the
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What is Funny?

What is funny? You really want to know what's funny? How 'bout some dumb-ass blogger trying to write an article entitled "What is Funny?!" Funny is such a subjective term. How is
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Shut Up and Write!

By Jerry Corley | Founder – The Stand Up Comedy Clinic Comedy Tip of The Day: Write, write and write some more. I've been a stand
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How To Be a Better Comedian

By Jerry Corley | Founder – The Stand Up Comedy Clinic A young comedian came up to me the other day and asked, "how can be a better comedy writer:I mean,