Today is the day! I leave for Moscow to teach a master class in American-style comedy to 25 Russian actors who want to learn that brand of stand-up.

I’ve never seen Russian stand-up. In fact, I’ve never seen a Russian smile, so this will be interesting. Of course I’m joking about the smile. I know a lot of Russian-Americans and there are two things they know how to do: laugh and drink vodka!

I’m sure while I’m there, I will be doing plenty of both.

I’ll be there five days. Think about it five days of caviar, vodka and comedy. What could be better?

Flight & Weather

It’s a 10-hour flight to Munich, then a layover and 3 more hours to Moscow. I arrive at 11pm Tuesday night.

It’s gonna be like 90 degrees here today, and when I arrive in Moscow, the low will be 15. Bring on the vodka!

I’ll be updating several times daily, here on my facebook and twitter pages, so come join. Give me some feeback, give me shit give me your thoughts and prayers that my comedy translates well and doesn’t somehow wind up insulting an entire nation and put me in the gulags somewhere in Siberia! So if you don’t see an update, you know I’m rotting in a Russian prison.

Here we go!

    6 replies to "Teaching Comedy in Russia"

    • If you run into any of the girls in Pussy Riot, PLEASE extend my sincere proposal of marriage. Tell her that I might not be able to find her G spot with a trained Sherpa guide BUT I can get her a green card. What the hell … I’ll marry the whole band but they’ll have to move to Utah with me.
      Say hello to Putin for me. I know you aren’t planning on meeting him but say hello out loud the next time you’re in your hotel room. He’ll hear you. If not, our NSA will and they can pass on the message.

    • Richard Allan Jones

      I saw where the Russian President just finished “Putin” the crime back into Crimea.

    • Jim McAleese

      Hey Jerry, stay away from the standard Russian joke structure: In America we have HBO. In Russia,we have KGB…it watches you!

    • Ray Camacho

      You’ll be fine….just don’t come with any lawsuits or any STD’s!!!

    • Glenn Davis

      Make sure you know territory! Keep your FB fans informed!

    • Sancho Rodríguez

      In Russia, The Party is life of jokes… You’d think it would get old, but the material stays fresh because no one tells the joke twice!

      враг пролетариата? I hardly even know her!

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