This Exciting New Seminar prepares you to deal with hecklers and provide comebacks while your on stage performing.

  • Identifying Your Objective

    Identifying your specific objective is the first step in succeeding at anything.

  • Achieving Your Objective

    Identifying your obstacles and what is needed to overcome those obstacles is the second step in your success.

  • Taking Action

    The most important step is ironically the one most people fail to initiate is taking action. Once you have a plan it is time to take action.

In this Seminar You Will Get...

  • 30 Minute HD Video of Your Act

    A 20-30 minute video is essential when booking feature work. In L.A. getting a 30-minute video is nearly impossible. Now you can get it in 1-shot! ($200 Value)

  • Create a Professional Promo Pak

    With technology changing faster than Justin Beiber changes girlfriends, it can be confusing to know what bookers require. Develop your EPK to meet most bookers’ needs. ($200 Value)

  • Watch Your Act Grow Each Week

    Be held accountable to your writing goals. Each week you will be expected to have 5-7 minutes of new material assisted by some of the best creative input available. (Priceless)

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