This Exciting New Course prepares you to get out on the road with everything you need to get booked doing Feature Work, including a video of your 30 minute showcase!

Talent bookers say that one of their toughest jobs is finding "good" feature acts.  "45 Days to 45 Minutes" will push you to develop a full 45 minutes to prepare you for doing comedy on the road, help you to create your promo pak and give you the tools to contact comedy bookers and get work!

Class Schedule

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  • Sunday Jan. 21, 2018
  • 3pm
  • 6:30pm



  • Wednesday Jan. 24, 2018
  • 7pm
  • 10pm

The Road to Success

  • Identifying Your Objective

    Identifying your specific objective is the first step in succeeding at anything.

  • Achieving Your Objective

    Identifying your obstacles and what is needed to overcome those obstacles is the second step in your success.

  • Taking Action

    The most important step is ironically the one most people fail to initiate is taking action. Once you have a plan it is time to take action.

  • Small Class Sizes

    Each class is limited to 4-5 students allowing you to get the personal attention each week to really develop your set.

  • Optional Pro Headshot Session

    Every performer needs a high resolution headshot. You will have the opportunity to have a professional headshot session at the studio by a top L.A. photographer at a super discounted price.

  • For Advanced Students Only

    This is aggressive training for aggressive comedy students only. You need instructor approval to attend and will be expected to complete your assignments each week.

In this Course You Will Get...

  • 30 Minute HD Video of Your Act

    A 20-30 minute video is essential when booking feature work. In L.A. getting a 30-minute video is nearly impossible. Now you can get it in 1-shot! ($200 Value)

  • Create a Professional Promo Pak

    With technology changing faster than Justin Beiber changes girlfriends, it can be confusing to know what bookers require. Develop your EPK to meet most bookers’ needs. ($200 Value)

  • Watch Your Act Grow Each Week

    Be held accountable to your writing goals. Each week you will be expected to have 5-7 minutes of new material assisted by some of the best creative input available. (Priceless)

  • Even More Exciting...

    When you have that solid 20-30 minute video, I will use my contacts with road bookers to give you an edge in getting work. Then it’s up to you to keep following up and start doing the road!

Enroll Today and Start Taking Your Act on the Road!

The Road

There is no quicker way to develop material. The Road - 45 Days to 45 Minutes taught by comedian Jerry Corley, will keep you accountable each week to push yourself to set goals and develop 5-8 minutes of new material every week, then punch it up in a writer's room setting helping you to develop a full 45 minutes of material that you will tighten to a 30-minute feature set. Then you will perform and record it in front of a live audience and send out to bookers to get you working out on the road.

Video Clips