tom hanksWell, I’ve been saying it for years… ‘Good Morning America and Elizabeth Vargas could use a good F*ck."

That would definitely help with the ratings! And what better person to deliver it than the always lovable, Tom Hanks. Yep, ‘THE’ Tom Hanks. The one that all of America adores.

He was making an appearance to pimp his new movie ‘Cloud Atlas,’ where he plays like 75 characters, (Awesome trailer, by the way).

Host Elizabeth Vargas asked him to do one of the characters from the movie.

Tom actually warned that it is mostly "swear words," but Tom is a man of action–and evidently fatigue–because he lit into the accent and within seven words BAM! The F-Bomb drops right dead center in the middle of G.M.A.’s morning broadcast!

All I have to say is that the entire Eastern time zone (viewing it live), needed one less cup of coffee to launch their day.

T.M.Z. and all subsequent broadcast points got the feed with the offending word bleeped out. (Watch the UNEDITED VERSION below).

And it even feels weird calling the word ‘offending.’ Tom Hanks can make anything sound charming.

Comedians deal with this dilemma all the time. On radio, on T.V., we’re asked to give the audience a slice of our act and once in a great while, there could be a slip-up.

Normally, I know exactly what I’m going to do when I appear on radio or T.V. I actually outline techniques for radio interviews for comedians. But I remember it happened to me while we were live on the radio. It was actually a comment about President Bush and I was in Arkansas. Who do you think got hecklers at the show that night?! Smile

What do you do when you slip like that? You do exactly what Tom Hanks did. With charm and shock, apologize to the people who were listening and be sincere. Watch and learn because Tom Hanks teaches a valuable lesson.

America will forgive Tom Hanks and if you handle it right, the listeners or viewers will forgive you too.

Watch the video here:

Jerry Corley
Jerry Corley

Jerry Corley is a professional comedian of nearly 30 years, working nearly every venue imaginable.

    7 replies to "Tom Hanks Drops An “F Bomb” on G.M.A."

    • Susan Hill

      He was great! Almost as if it was planned…what a true gentleman.

    • Michael Gabriel

      Did you notice how the first thing out of her mouth was ” Good Morning America”.. she wanted to make certain that when that clip was rebroadcast that EVERY station that aired it ended up promoting her show. She didn’t go into her apology or explanation she immediately went to ” brand the clip “… smart move I guess.

    • Ted Trent

      I was sitting with Sally Fields watching the Today Show when Tom Hanks said this. Sally turns to me with a verklempt look and says, “Stupid is as stupid does.” I says, “Sally?” She says, “Wellllll?”

    • Scott Von Wald


    • Jerry Corley

      Ha! That’s funny, Ted

    • Jerry Corley

      Awesome! Even happens to the best, right?

    • Jim Nastyx

      I know you were joking, but seriously! No one could possibly believe for a single second that such an uncharacteristically untoward slip of the tongue could have been scripted, right?

      Mr. Hanks and GMA both had to know there’d be no stopping a faux pas of that magnitude by one of the nation’s most beloved man-actors from being rebroadcast 10,000 times on other outlets. So who in their right mind could even think of saying something like that on the air deliberately, knowing that that indefensible millisecond of pottymouth was sure to be repeated thousands of times a day for the next week and draw the unwanted attention of millions of sensitive viewers who’d otherwise have zero interest in GMA?

      Absolutely nobody, that’s who. So please don’t even imply such connivances even in jest.

      O, humanity!

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