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8 - 9/June/2024


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In this course, you're going to learn to get an expert-level grasp of the structures and concepts that are used in comedy to really trigger a laugh from an audience--whether they you are speaking live or you are writing humor to be read. 

You will understand not only how to write a joke, but why a joke is funny in the first place. When you fundamentally understand why a person laughs you'll be able to more consistently write using the principles that trigger laughter. 

The object of the course is to have you writing jokes from scratch using at least 3-5 structures, so that you can turn that skill into a career.

Jerry demonstrates the Comedy Material Generator

One Unmissable Event

The world of comedy is competitive. Learn the craft that so many others are just not taking the time to learn. You'll have more skills and more ability to develop material than other comedians.

Learn the same powerful techniques Jerry uses to write 80-120 jokes a day!

As a writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jerry was writing 80-120 jokes per day. Learn the techniques and the system Jerry used to achieve that goal every day. I learned from the best and now you can too.

In this Amazing Weekend Event You'll Learn...

How To Write Jokes and Comedy Routines about ANYTHING...ANYTIME!
1 Simple Process to Increase Your Laughs by 400%
The 9 Major Triggers for Human Laughter.
The 13 Major Comedy Structures.
10 Sure-Fire ways to beat writer's block.
The 4 Key Formulas Talent Coordinators look for before they book you on T.V.
Identify what's missing when jokes don't get a laugh
Identify what's missing when jokes don't get a laugh

Weekend Writing Agenda

The Weekend Comedy Writing Workshop will be immersive and interactive. 

 An invaluable experience taking place over 2 super-creative days.

Each day will be made up of engaging presentations and learning, where students will be applying the techniques and writing jokes, bits and other comedy pieces while receiving immediate expert feedback from the JokeDoctor himself. You'll feel inspired and you'll learn techniques that will benefit your creative, funny self for the rest of your life

Day 1:

The Simplicity of Comedy
Using Incongruity.
Powerful Wordplay
3-Way Build-Ups (Triples)
Paired Phrases
Benign Retaliation

Day 2:

How to Write Roast Jokes
Sketch Writing
Script Punch-up
Story-Based Humor
Visual Comedy
The Powerful Callback
10 Ways to Crush Writer's Block

who's this Workshop For?

Stand-up Comedians
Long-form Comedy Writers
Short-form Comedy Writers
Content Creators
Ted Talkers
Sales Professionals
Corporate Trainers
Financial Consultants
Wedding DJs
Radio Personalities


Listen to what others have to say about the 2-Day Comedy Writing Workshop

“If you are an up and coming comedian or you are just getting your feet wet in the world of comedy take this course! Jerry has been a professional comedian for the past 30 years and has the unique ability to teach at any skill level…”

Fred Sotille

“Jerry has turned my comedy dream into a comedy reality by allowing me to find my own unique voice. Without his comedy class and caring support I would not have come so far, so fast.”

JC Morgan

“Jerry Corley’s Stand Up Comedy class was amazing. I went into in wanting to learn how to write funny. Never wanted to do a stand up rountine. Didn’t think I had it in me. With his help and guidance, I performed a 10 minute set in front of 90 people. It was one of the greatest nights of my life. He knows his comedy and is great at teaching it. I would recommend this class to everyone.”

Kim Smith

Kim Smith

"Your weekend seminar was by FAR the best training event I have ever been to. Not only did I learn a lot (I learned more from you in in two days than I did from an entire 8 week Comedy Workshop I took from a "top" comedy coach), I left your class with more inspiration than I have ever gotten from any other single source of training or self-help material I have ever been through."

Travis Cody

Travis Cody

"Wanted to say a big thank you for the continued support over the years. We had a great start together, when after doing your 8 week class for the first time, I had success at the World Series of comedy, Now I'm moving up from feature to headliner. I couldn't have done it without your support and advice."

David Law

"I just completed Jerry's weekend seminar. It far surpassed my expectations! Jerry is not just a naturally funny human, but also a natural born teacher and super-smart communicator. I'm filled up with fabulous information and am dissecting every joke I hear. If you're on this page, sign up. It was a blast!"

Phoebe Sarason

"I just love Jerry as a comic and a teacher. I love it when I meet a person who loves sharing a special insight on life and that's how his instruction occurs for me. I could have started stand up with any program in town, but a friend recommended him and now I see why."

Ted Trent

Ted Trent

"Jerry is like the Comedian Whisperer. He helps us find our own funny."

Andi Wagner

Andi Wagner


Jackpot Bar & Grill  

4485 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas

If You Want To Put Your Comedy on Steroids Don't Miss This Event!

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Never Run Out of Ideas

comedy material generator image

You'll learn that with the Comedy Material Generator you'll never run out of ideas or inspiration again! If you're staring at a blank page, simply choose a method, approach or comedy writing technique and your inspiration will receive an instant spark of adrenaline!

This approach is great for writing inspiration
or comedy writing practice any day.

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