Why the Stand Up Comedy Clinic?

Have you ever had that voice telling you that you should try stand up comedy? (Don’t worry, that voice is normal. But, if that voice is telling you to microwave the cat or shoot the president, see a shrink!!) That voice, “You’re so funny, you should be on Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, etc.” is a reality check.

So what keeps you from doing it?

The two most common reasons for people not to pursue a career in stand up comedy are:

Not knowing how to go about it.


Sound Familiar? You’re not alone. Thousands of people have had that same nagging voice and those same fears.
What makes you different?

“Unique and extremely informative. I learned more about comedy in two weeks with Jerry in his comedy class, than I learned in four years on the road.”

– Rick Kunkler
VH-1 Host, Actor, Comedian

“Jerry’s like the Zen-master-comedy-coach, man… He’s like the Phil Jackson of comedy coaches.”

– Rob Rose


That’s right. You are going to learn stand up comedy!

Because our stand up comedy class is going to give you the tools that will:



“In my line of work, I burn through material. Having the confidence to know that I can write jokes anytime, whether I feel funny or not, is so empowering. I use two of Jerry’s techniques and the jokes just start flying!”

– Don Fischer
Seattle-based D.J.

“I first met Jerry when he ran the Young Friar’s Writer’s room at the Beverly Hills Friar’s Club… Now I tour extensively, working at all the Improvs around the country as well as other ‘A’ clubs and colleges…”

– Brett Walkow

From Here… to Funny… in 8 Evenings!

In our 8-week comedy course, you will learn both joke-writing theory and performance technique that will culminate in a memorable video-taped performance at a comedy club. In our joke writing theory session you will learn a unique approach that will take you from staring at a blank page to writing jokes on any subject at will, faster than you thought possible.

We teach you the fine points of how to take your passion, your problems and your pet peeves and turn them into a laugh-out-loud comedy act. Then, we teach you the finer points of getting paid for it.

Want to save years of guessing and painful trial and error?

Understand the game, get the tools and become a master technician of humor.

We’ll not only turn you on to the idea of how to learn stand up comedy in 8 weeks, followed with a performance at a comedy club, we will give you the keys to unlock a lifetime of laughter.

What sets this workshop apart from all the others?

Most workshops will run you through their entire course leaving the single most important question unanswered:

Why do people laugh?

Once you understand why people laugh, you will be able to deftly apply powerful joke-writing techniques to get them to laugh whenever you feel like it!

The Stand Up Comedy Clinic will teach you…

To free your imagination to instantly spot humor in any situation.
To know when and why something is funny before you try it in front of an audience.
How to write from scratch.
The art of spit-balling.
How to take your troubles and make them funny.
The three fundamental steps of putting together a joke.
How to be funny when you don’t feel funny.
How to find your voice and be truly unique.
Why there is no such thing as “hack.”
How to make a living doing corporate comedy, cruises and audience warm-up.
Why comedy is magic with words and actions.
How to apply the two most important words in the creative vocabulary.
To understand the psychology of humor; eight major theories of why we laugh.

Whether you want to perform stand up comedy, write for other comedians, write sitcoms, greeting cards or humorous filler pieces for magazines and newspapers, the Stand Up Comedy Clinic can give you the tools to make that a reality.

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