Here you will find the pdf downloads for the information covered at the World Series of Comedy in 2015.

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  • The 9 Psychological Laughter Triggers
    The 9 Psychological Laughter Triggers

    Did you know that most comedians don't know why people laugh? Now you can understand--from scientific level--why people laugh. These laughter triggers are hard-wired into our DNA they've been there for thousands of years and they're not going anywhere.

    Comedy has evolved, but the laughter triggers remain the same. Look them over and you'll really start to understand that writing comedy doesn't need to be a guessing game!

  • The 13 Major Comedy Structures
    The 13 Major Comedy Structures

    The new thrill for me in comedy is that there is a total science behind it! That means I can take any logical grouping of words and figure out how to make it funny!

    Every time the audience laughs, there are stimuli present. Something caused that audience to laugh.

    What if you could label those stimuli, harness them and reuse them at will in your writing, your conversation or your stand-up?

    The 13 Major Comedy Structures are the mechanisms that pull the laughter triggers. Working them together properly helps you to present that stimuli to the audience, increasing your chance of triggering the laugh.

    Get into it, read it, study it. Then watch your favorite comedian and see which structures and laughter triggers he or she is using.

    You will never look at comedy the same way again! Awesome!

  • Studying Paradox
    Studying Paradox

    As you read through the 13 Major Comedy Structures, you should really examine the different structures and see which ones you use in your act.

    One of my favorite and newest additions is Paradox. I added paradox because it doesn't quite meet the literary criteria to be ironic, but it's one of those structures that really engages both hemispheres of the audience's brain. Which means they are seeing the images that you create and they are thinking them through.

    This is tremendously valuable because it means that it makes you, the comedian more profound and more memorable.

    Enjoy the Paradox and write some of your own!

Bonus Writing Tool – Comedy Material Generator


Have you ever had writer’s block? This infographic will help you to never have writer’s block again! I haven’t had writer’s block since I was 24 and this is one of the main reasons; I always have something to write about using this tool.

This is going to be turned into a clickable application that leads you to exercises that you will use to write material from scratch on those days when you find yourself saying, “I got nothin’!”

For now, just click the image to download and use it as inspiration!