Nobody Has the Credentials to Tell You “You Can’t”

Rejection. We've all had our fair share, right? Being in the business of entertainment; being a comedian a writer, an actor, exposes you to more than your fair share, I believe. Some of us are more affected by rejection than others. We take rejection as ostracism and we can do damage to ourselves and our careers if we take it too deeply to heart. I don't know about you but I know some people who have given up after too much rejection. The problem is sometimes too much is only once. But the good news is I think we can learn to smash through rejection and overcome it.
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Comedy Clinic Student Books First SAG Commercial

[gn_spacer size="20"] [jwplayer config="Facebook 560x315_noauto_share" mediaid="3140"] Gotta share this with you! One of the reasons I so enjoy teaching comedy is to be able to share in the joy of the success of
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Promoting Your Video via Email

Want to email your video to bookers, managers or agents? Here's a quick tutorial. So you have your video done and you want people to see it. You put it up