Studying the Greats in Comedy

George Carlin said you can learn from the greats by studying their styles. . . . → Read More: Studying the Greats in Comedy

Can You Teach Comedy?

You either are funny or you’re not! You, of all people should know that!” . . . → Read More: Can You Teach Comedy?

No Ethics in Comedy

Students often ask me if they should protect their material or if they should the worry about other comics stealing their material. I usually regurgitate a quote told to me by Jay Leno. He said, “There are no ethics in comedy. You just have to write faster than everyone else and your reputation will precede . . . → Read More: No Ethics in Comedy

Private Comedy Coaching

Private comedy coaching with Jerry Corley can get you to your comedy goals faster. . . . → Read More: Private Comedy Coaching

How To Write A Joke

Comedy Material Generator - How to Write a Joke

by Jerry Corley, founder of the Stand Up Comedy Clinic

Most people who contact me through this site do so because they want to know how to write a joke.

If that is a question that you have (I’m assuming it might be because you’ve found this post called “how to write a joke,”) . . . → Read More: How To Write A Joke

Comedy Is Easy!

I was driving today listening to the radio loudly (it hides the strange new noise coming from my front end–I mean who needs to pay $600 to a mechanic, right?) and a commercial came on. It was that Dos Equis commercial; “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” I like this commercial. It’s interesting. It’s . . . → Read More: Comedy Is Easy!